Yummy Stuff
Got recipes? I’ll cook them, shoot them and clean the dishes so you don’t have to.

New Authors!
Ask me about my cookbook proposal package which includes professional styling, photography and layout services for 3 to 4 of your recipes for $300 (additional recipes at $100 each). It’s a great way to make your book proposal stand out from the rest!

Life Portraits
Tell me where to explore, and I’ll find the shots, from urban safaris to backcountry escapes.

Your Place or Mine?
My studio looks like it fell out of a Crate and Barrel truck, so you never have to worry about props. Or, I can bring all my photo gear to your place for an on-location shoot.

I am also available for assignment food-related authoring of short articles and recipe development.

My production/creative rate starts at $150 per hour, with discounts for full day and multiple day assignments and industry standard rates for image licensing. Additional costs for travel or groceries may apply. Please email for a quote.

Have a food photography question? Looking for a photographer? See a site problem? Mail me!