Inadvertant Domestication


This morning, I did something frighteningly normal. Well, not so normal for me. But normal for most of the world. I cleaned out my refrigerator before I left on vacation. I actually freed the left-overs from their little tupperware cages and styrofoam dwellings, whipped up a little omelet with the remaining bit of procuitto, tomato and ricotta I had, and poured myself several tall glasses of OJ. That last bit is even more freakish for me, as my normal breakfast is checking email, with a latte on the side. It must be aliens. Always blame aliens.

In 45 minutes, I head to the airport for a quick weekend trip to Amsterdam. I’d love to be one of those bloggers who had their way there paid by the Holland Ad Council… but we are going on our own to celebrate my friend Stef’s birthday (not a bad, eh?).

All of this is just a really long way of saying no recipe, or pretty pictures today or probably throughout the rest of the weekend. I was going to take one of the inside of my fridge, but that was just scary. I’ll try to bring back some good restaurant recommendations instead.

Have a great weekend!

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