Treat for a Rainy Day


It turned into winter again in Seattle. It’s cold and miserable and sloshing down rain, and not in that cool storm way. This rain is why Seattlites love coffee, and the warm, rich coziness it provides. Despite this, my daughter and I braved the wetness to go run a few errands and have some lunch. We stopped by the one remaining City Peoples store to browse. In it, I found these beautiful chocolates. I realize it’s a little weird to buy chocolate at a garden store. But City Peoples is just that kind of garden store.

What struck me about the Splendid Specialties chocolates, besides their packaging (which, to be honest, is what really got me) were the fascinating combination of flavors. Imperial Chai Tea mixes milk chocolate with black tea and what tastes like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and a hint of black pepper. Emporor’s Ginger Tea has a strong ginger kick and very mild green tea base. It’s almost spicy-hot, and fantastic blend for a chocolate. Finally, my favorite, the Jasmine Green Tea which has amazing aromas of jasmine and nutty tea flavor. I’m not typically a fan of milk chocolate, but all of these had such complexity that I utterly enjoyed them.

Green Tea Chocolates 019

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6 thoughts on “Treat for a Rainy Day

  1. Its packing is nice. I like its taste also. It looks delicious.
    I am a great lover of chocolate.
    Thanks for the post. Nice work.

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