Rising C Ranches: Specialty Citrus


I got treats in the mail today!

Last month’s Food and Wine had a great article on specialty citrus fruits from Rising C Ranches, a small farm in Reedley, California. They feature a wide variety of unusual citrus fruits like Buddha’s Hand and Etrog Citrons. Intrigued by these new fruits, I logged on to their website and ordered their farmer’s choice… a box stuffed full of their peak produce. So, imagine my delight when the UPS man showed up at my door with a big box.

citrus boxed

Here’s what I found inside:

  • Moro Blood Oranges
  • Meyer Lemons
  • W. Murcotts
  • Melogold Pummelo
  • Chandler Grapefruit
  • Minneolas
  • Gold Nuggest
  • Heirloom Navels
  • Cara Cara Navels

Yum! They all look beautiful. I had better get eating!

Anyone have a favorite Meyer Lemon recipe I should try?

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