Made-up Lunch: Turkey and Pear Quesadilla


I think I’m going to have an on-going theme here with made up food. I seem to get inspired at odd times to get creative and just wing it on various flavor and texture combinations. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. This time, I’m happy to say that it did.

I think it was the brie and pear panini with raspberry vinaigrette that I had in NY at a hip little cafe called s’Nice that started me down this particular path. It was so gooey and luscious that I’ve been craving another one ever since.

Brie, Pear, Arugala and Rasberry Mustard

So when I was figuring out what to make for lunch for my Mom, who is out visiting this week, I had pears on my mind. It’s not really the right season for pears, but when I stopped at the market, they had some decent looking d’angou choices that were ripe and ready to be eaten. Popping those into my basket, I started wandering around the store to see what I could make with them… what I ended up with were makings for a pretty wacky quesadilla… some roast turkey, cilantro pesto, Beecher’s Flagship cheese and a bag of whole grain flour tortillas… but one that might just work. And if it didn’t, my Mom could always just make herself a simple turkey sandwich.

There’s really not much recipe here, beyond the ingredients I listed above. I tossed a bit of tea oil (one of my new favorite oils… it’s really light and a touch nutty) onto my stove-top griddle on medium high heat, and started stacking… flour tortilla, pesto, cheese, turkey and finally pear topped with another tortilla (although one tortilla, then folded in half might have been a bit better). Flip it when it starts to turn golden, and the cheese is starting to melt. Cut into triangles, and eat!

turkey cilantro quesadilla

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2 thoughts on “Made-up Lunch: Turkey and Pear Quesadilla

  1. Nice plating it makes me hungry, I wish you can provide a recipe so I can make some too.Well cooking is one of my favorite hobbies it always makes me feel good especially when some one noticed that my dish is pretty good.

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