The Cukejito is the new Mojito


This is my last minute attempt at an appropriate St. Patrick’s Day food post. And while it’s hardly an Irish drink, it is green and it is alcoholic, so I’ve decided that it more than counts. It was inspired by the cukehinia that I fell in love with at the College Hotel bar in Amsterdam (and it’s certainly not a Dutch drink either).

For this version of a mojito, you need to muddle several slices of fresh, crisp cucumber in with the mint and sugar. Add in a couple shots of lime juice (I like mine limey), a shot or two of rum, and a couple cubes of ice and shake well. You can add some simple syrup if you like it a bit sweeter. Strain into an ice filled glass with a couple of cucumber slices tossed in, and top with a bit of club soda. The result is a drink like a cool spring morning, all fresh and green and wet.


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5 thoughts on “The Cukejito is the new Mojito

  1. Lovely pics L! Orange and green go so well together in your compositions!

    I cannot believe that I have an Irish hubbie and totally did not post anything for St Pat’s! 😉 AH well, I guess today’s post was a green veggie tart, so it counts too!

  2. I was so pleased by cucumber infused shochu and/or vodka that I never quite made the leap to more fruity concoctions.

    But considering lime and cucumber seem to like each other, generally speaking, this seems like a sensible progression. I wonder if orange and cucumber would cooperate…

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