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Sometimes web searching just drives me crazy. I’ve been scouring the web looking for various classes on food photography and food styling with only a tiny bit of success. Mostly finding things that are outdated (if I had a time machine, there is a great one back in the fall of 1999…).

Thankfully, Matt’s Ode to a Stylist post today pointed me at a new source. Food Fanatics in California. The next class (but they have more coming) is in June, and is a 3-day Food Styling workshop taught by Denise of Food Fanatics and Lisa of (Seattlites – Lisa also does classes in the Seattle area). The class isn’t cheap… it’s $750, but it looks very intensive. Don’t be surprised if you find me in it…

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0 thoughts on “Food Fanatics: Food Styling classes

  1. Hey L, do you have two blogs going? Where do you find the time! I’m doubly impressed. Ken has our camera in South Africa which means no food blogging for me. Are there any more blog gatherings coming up?

  2. Catherine – Oh, yes. I’m afraid I actually have more than 2 that I own, plus a couple others that I contribute too regularly. And, I’m in the midst of working on yet another. But then, it’s kind of becoming my next career. Not that I’m getting paid or anything, but, hey, you can’t have everything, right?

    I haven’t heard of any more rumblings from the Seattle food bloggers… although there is a Seattle Flickr meet-up once or twice a month. Perhaps we should organize our own food gathering?

    Thanks for stopping by!

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