Elsewhere: Seared Scallops with Pasta Carbonara


I was sent a free copy of Cook’s Country about a month ago, and once I finally made it through my backlog of magazines I gave it a browse. It’s by the folks from Cook’s Illustrated, but is largely packed with reader tips and recipes. Some good ideas there, although I am such a sucker for the high-production value glossies that I’m not sure I’d subscribe to it. That, and the fact that just a day or two after I got through my stack, I am behind again.

Cook’s Country does have the little pull-out rectangular recipe cards, which are really nice if there’s just one recipe you like in the magazine. The one I latched onto was creamy shells with peas and bacon. Something about the peas just sounded nice and springy to me. My version, of course, went a bit differently. You can find the recipe today up on [DC].

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