Elsewhere: Strawberry Tarts


When I was in software design, we had a motto: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). Sometimes it’s certainly fun to create extravagant and complicated recipes, each step a challenge. But sometimes, especially on a beautiful spring day, it’s best to just keep it simple so you have more time to enjoy your warm, sweet, juicy, crispy tarts while you are lounging on the deck.

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0 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Strawberry Tarts

  1. love it!
    i actually just purchased some fresh strawberries, and was contemplating something simple to create with them….

    AND i have some phyllo dough in my freezer…hmmm!

    thank you for your refreshing idea!

  2. Thanks Chanelle… hope your went as well as mine!

    Jack – Thanks, although it’s actually a sheet of paper. One of my tricks… specialty paper makes great backgrounds and is cheap.

  3. Hi L,
    thanks so much for dropping by my blog and adding me to your blogroll. Your strawberry tarts look so scrummy… as does everything on your blog!!
    Awesome idea about the specialty paper too!

  4. L, the strawberry tarts look gorgeous! I wish I had seen this recipe a few days earlier – I just made a strawberry pie. Oh well, guess I’ll have to add this to my must try file!

    I’ve added your link to my blog..hope you don’t mind =)

  5. hi again! i DID make some of these afterall, and instead of sugar, i drizzled some honey over the strawberries and cinnamon. WOW! so good! thanks for such a simple and yet beautiful recipe!

    i will be making more for our family easter meal, for which i am responsible for all things dessert. 🙂

  6. Thanks Bron – I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to make the photos look different from one another. It’s easy to fall into a rut with your favorite dish.

    Jaay – Nothing at all wrong with strawberry pie! Sounds delicious. And, Yay! Thanks for linking here.

    Shaz – Yes, yummy, yummy.

    Ivonne – Thanks!

    Chanelle – honey would be gorgeous on these! Sounds delightful.

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