Anthropomorphism & Food


Most of my food photography attempts to make the food look irresistibly edible. Sometimes, though, it’s more fun to simply make art. One of my favorite discoveries is when I capture a truly human moment in the food. Sometimes, it’s planned, like in these pears.

What can make a pear blush?

I saw these pears in market, and couldn’t help but think of one pear leaning over and whispering something embarrassing to the other and making it blush. With a little patience getting them balanced just right (and a touch of tape on the bottoms), I think the pears came to life. Although, not nearly as well as this photo, which is one of my favorites.

More often, I find happy little accidents in the photos as I’m reviewing them, like this spinach that was giving itself a hug:

spinach gomaae

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0 thoughts on “Anthropomorphism & Food

  1. I don’t know that I would have noticed the spinach- that’s just rich!

    And you know, it almost sounds like the theme for an upcoming Foodography topic…

  2. Ilva – Thanks!

    S’kat – I really didn’t notice it until I was touching up this one photo… I have the same ball of spinach in several other shots that it just slipped by… but, now it is all I can see! And, yep, I was considering it for an upcoming flickr challenge… but I think I have something else up my sleave for May.

    Jack – Thanks! I wasn’t even looking for pears when I was at the market – just saw the blush on that one and knew I had to take a photo of it.

  3. well, thanks, now i have hope. i took one look at that spinach and said “it’s hugging itself!” before i read your caption. maybe my photography and styling isn’t that hopeless after all.

  4. Hi L,
    I am doing some research about anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms of food products. I found your posting very exciting and, of course, helpful for my study. Can we have further correspondence via e-mail?

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