San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace


Apparently, all the cool kids are doing it. Visiting the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace, or at least picking up the new cookbook by the fantastically witty Peggy Knickerbocker and ground-breaking photographer Christopher Hirsheimer. I was lucky enough to have the time to take a quick jaunt down to the Bay area to see it for myself, and attend a great talk on The Art of The Cookbook (which I wrote up for Well Fed Network’s Food Bound).

Although the actual farmer’s market hadn’t started yet when I was there (I missed it by just a couple of days), there was still plenty to drool over… quaint and sinful treats at Miette, huge rounds of Neal’s Yard cheeses at Cowgirl Creamery, delicate convolutions of fresh morels, or hearty sopa de albondigas (Mexican pork and beef meatball soup) at Mijita’s, a perfectly poured frond on my latte at Frog Hollow Farm… the opportunities were endless, and I simply didn’t have enough hours, or meals, in my trip. It will definitely be on my list to go again, next time I’m in town and if you find yourself in San Francisco, be sure not to miss it.

Here are a few of the sites I managed to capture:

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

Views of the Ferry Market

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

Views of the Ferry Market (San Francisco)

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0 thoughts on “San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace

  1. Oh, I was at that talk too! Very exciting and informative! I wish I had known you were going so I could have complimented you in person on your beautiful photography!

  2. Thanks Anita! I wish I had known too! I did get to meet Elise from Simply Recipes while there. Perhaps at another one…

    Ilva – Thanks! That last one was peaking into the back door of the florist… I really like the “making of” type shots.

    Matt – thanks! You saying that makes me SO SO SO Happy!

    Chanelle – It’s a very fun city. I wish I had more time to do things for this trip, but it was still a great time.

  3. Excellent shots L. You have a real eye for it. I love the one of the Morels but the light in the last one is really lovely

  4. as usual, great shots. its a wednesday morning in singapore. Im at work, totally bored. and your photos are a sight for sore eyes!

  5. Thanks Audrey – The morel one is my favorite too… I just love how the color of the baskets pops.

    Shaz – Thanks! Glad I could help brighten up your day!

  6. Wow, what gorgeous photos! I think you might have made a very pretty place look even prettier than she does in real life! You’ve got the touch, that’s for sure.

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