June Flickr Challenge: Black & White


Last month’s theme was definitely a challenge! And there were some fantastic entries, all of which were an improvement over the original NYT photo… not only in terms of the quality of the photo, but also the overall food presentation, like this shot from the Reluctant Housewife, who decided to focus on the geometry of the dish. I went a different way, and went for a more natural look:

Tuna Tartare with Salad and Croutons

This month I’ve got a new one for you, and I’m very curious to see the results. Food photography almost entirely revolves around color to make a dish mouthwateringly gorgeous. What happens when you remove that element and only work with shapes and shadows? There are some truly beautiful black and white photos of food (like this and this and this), but do they tempt your taste-buds? Is a strawberry still a strawberry without the brilliant red?

For June, your challenge is create up to 3 photos that don’t use color to impart their goodness. Ideally, you’ll use strictly black and white, but I’ll also let in some duotones or even white-on-white type shots. Post your photos, as usual, to the Still Life With… food pool on Flickr.

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0 thoughts on “June Flickr Challenge: Black & White

  1. ooh – that’s a great challenge. I look forward to hopefully being able to take part once i get back from my vacation.

  2. *jumping up and down*

    Before I picked up a digital camera, I was an avowed black&white film shooting chiquita. Now, well I’ve sort of turned the other way.

    While I still have a fridge full of b&w film, I no longer have the means to develop it.

    Even if I have to send it out, I can’t wait to do this again! Thanks for the impetus!

  3. Sam – Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Hope you have a great trip!

    S’kat – Awesome! Great to put that stuff to good use! I still have a bunch of slide film in the fridge myself, but it’s unlikely to get used. I’m actually taking color photos, and then adjusting to black and white in PS for this one.

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