Food Photography Class: The Studio Still Life (Rockport, Maine)


This week-long workshop, from Aug 20 through 26, 2006, is an opportunity to work closely with one of today’s leading studio still-life and food photographers, Judd Pilossof.

Judd Pilossof is recognized as one of the leading food/still-life photographers in the United States. Based in New York, Judd has shot for virtually all the major advertising agencies and food magazines. Some of his clients include Starbucks, Campbell’s, Domino’s Pizza, Stouffers and Healthy Choice. Judd’s work is constantly being inspired by his love for cooking, wine and travel and this has translated into a unique style of lighting and personal development.

Lighting, composition, color, lens choice, backdrops, and the use of texture are the tools for the week in this Advanced food photography class. Students should be familiar with studio equipment such as strobes, hot lights, Polaroid films and filters before attending the class.

Judd will review student portfolios at the beginning of the week, demonstrate various techniques each morning, critique your work, discuss the business and art of studio still-lifes, and give you a new assignment each day. Judd will cover basic to advanced table top still-life techniques, including working with natural light as well as various studio lighting, propping, and food styling and how to communicate and work with stylists. Judd will share his experience on how to obtain assignments and build a reputation. Promotional ideas and assembling a portfolio will also be addressed. Students will work in teams and alone in the studio to complete afternoon and evening assignments, beginning with basic lighting for simple conceptual ideas, and progressing to complex still-lives. During the week, there will be assistance from a food stylist, including some tricks of the trade – students will have an opportunity to work with the stylist as well. This is an opportunity to build images for your portfolio, and also to fail, as mistakes lead to greater learning. You will be pushed and asked to stretch and your work will receive honest and in-depth critique. Use of a view camera is suggested, however you may photograph in medium format as well. Students will work with E-6 film or in digital format.

The class fees are $895 for tuition, plus an additional $125 for lab fees. Enrollment is limited to 14 students.

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