Food Styling Classes: Chicago, IL & Rotterdam, Holland


Donna Lafferty has an updated schedule for her food styling classes. The first, in Chicago, will be Sept 19-28th. Her 2007 schedule will include classes in Rotterdam, Holland in May and September. Other classes featured on her website include Working with Chocolate, and Cake & Pastry.

Donna, a food stylist and home economist, has been styling food for still and motion photography for the past 25+ years. If you can’t make the class, you might check out the Special Effects video that features how-tos on making steam, smoke, ice and water picture perfect.

For more information, see The Art Of Styling Food website.

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5 thoughts on “Food Styling Classes: Chicago, IL & Rotterdam, Holland

  1. Dear Mrs. Vanel ,

    -My name is Panos Ioannidis and I am working as executive chef in Danish embassy in Athens (Greece)
    the last 6 years I work occasionally as a free lancer Food stylist in editorial food magazines ,cook books, food advertising etc. ,, but in that field I am based on real food techniques from my point of view as a cook
    I am interested in learning more about “fake” food techniques in editorial and t.v commercials food styling such as ice cream, bread, desserts, creams and special effects..
    As I see that food styling classes will take place in Europe in summer 2007 I would like to know some further informations about it ,and if the program will cover my needs.-
    Yours Sincerely

    [phone numbers removed]

  2. Hi Ioannidis,

    Ms. Vanel is a fellow commenter, so it’s unlikely that she’ll see your post. But, I will try to help.

    Neither of us run these classes, but I try to post announcements of food styling and food photography classes as I find them. It looks the class above will be held in Rotterdam, and you can check out the link above for more information.

    One recommendation I have is the Food Styling book by John Carafoli. This book goes into several technical aspects of food styling. Also, I have several links in my Resources post that include interviews with various food stylists that talk about some of the tricks.

  3. I am very interested in attending your Chicago classes.
    Please send more info.
    Thank you,
    Marianne Lah

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