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If you are looking for a simple photo editor, and don’t mind the slowness of uploading your photos to a server for your quick fixes, you should give PXN8 (pronounced pix-en-ate) a try. It provides all the basic corrections like an auto-exposure (called Enhance), fill flash, rotation and even some manual control over saturation, brightness and hue. But what’s particularly cool about PXN8 are the fun tools, including the easiest way to round the corners of your image that I’ve seen yet, and a nice little lomo filter. PXN8 also integrates easily with Flickr, so once you’ve uploaded your photo, getting the edited image into your Flickr account is a simple button press.

PXN8 is for smaller images (under 1Mb)… uploading a jpeg image from my 20D (about a 6 Mb file) took a painfully long time, and then it resized the image down to a web size. But once my photo was uploaded, all of the corrections were very quick. For the image above, I applied the lomo effect (which would have worked better on a darker image) and rounded the corners, pushed the changes over the Flickr and was done in about a minute.

Or, for even an even more tightly integrated editor, check out Preloadr, which works on photos you’ve already uploaded to Flickr, but want to make quick changes to. Moving into the “editing” space was a bit slow for my large images, but unlike PXN8, Preloadr seems to keep my image size intact… so it’s not too surprising it’s not as zippy. Preloadr also offers more advanced tools, like layers, a histogram and even an exposure curve… but leaves off some of the cool quick fixes (like the lomo filter and rounding the corners.) Still, if you are working with 1Mb or smaller file sizes and just need to brighten up your whites or saturate your colors, Preloadr may be what you need.

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