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Hey There! Well, if you are reading today, there’s at least a good chance that you stumbled here from Matt Bites and his brilliant food styling & photography tips… so posting that you should go and make them your bible is probably redundant and might accidentally put you into an endless loop of clicking.

But, for those reader’s who haven’t yet found Matt, do yourself a favor. Stop reading me right now, and go read Matt. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. I promise I’ll be here when you get back. Go! And, don’t just read his most recent post on food photography. Go read his entire blog. It’s wonderful… both in writing and in photos. Donna Hay would be so lucky to get Matt working on her side. Plus, he’s a really, really nice guy.

Thanks Matt for the links today!

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0 thoughts on “More From Matt

  1. Yes, I found you through Matt’s site and I am so happy. He is a real study; I adore his postings. AND NOW, I may be in love with you too! This site is just exactly what I need and I can’t wait to trollop through your archives and devour each morsel.

  2. Hello there,
    I am extremely happy to have found your blog (through Matt Bites). I simply can not believe the amount of useful information you have put together here. Every food blogger should read this stuff.
    Ever since I started my blog, I wanted to take pictures like Keiko (Nordljus)… her photos are just amazing. Now with your posts, I think I might get close one day. I’d be thrilled if you’d have the time to take a look at my blog and let me know what you think about my pictures. Any comment of yours will be very much appreciated. (I am particularly fond of the first picture in my Castroville Artichoke post:
    Many thanks for such an informative great blog!

  3. Hi Kevin – Yay! Welcome!

    Cenk – Me too! And, I completely agree with you that Keiko is absolutely brilliant… her images are stunning.

    I took a look at some of the photos on your blog, and I definitely think you are heading in the right direction. I’ll leave more comments there!

  4. Hi Lara,
    I received your comments. Thank you very much for your feedback and guidance. It is very much appreciated.

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