Happy Belated Blog Day!


Oops. I’m off traveling, and missed the fact that it was blog day a few days ago. Actually, I was completely oblivious to the event until I got such a nice piece of mail from Helen of the wonderful Grab Your Fork blog in which she listed my other blog, Still Life With. Thanks Helen!

So, I figured better late than never, here are 5 blogs that I’ve found recently that you should definitely take some time to peruse:

Bon Appegeek
I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Annie’s wonderful writing here before, but in case not, do make a point to go read Bon Appegeek and her hilarious views on learning to cook. You’ll definitely leave with a smile on your face, if you haven’t fallen to the floor laughing.

Viva Epicurea
This formerly Canadian Okanagan blog has gone south. Well, not that far south. Heather is now spending some time in Seattle. But I’m sure the blog will continue to share great photography and recipes.

Married With Dinner
How could I not add a food blog that proclaims itself as the continuing adventures of a couple of San Francisco food dorks? Instant bookmark for the hilarious writing and yummy recipes like Spicy Sangria.

Imbibe Unfiltered
I’ve kind of taken to this new magazine that focuses on beverages of all kinds… from cocktails to coffee to, well, anything drinkable. The associated blog helps tied me over between magazine issues.

Homesick Texan
What is a Texan to do when they find themselves living in New York City? Starting a blog seems like a good choice…

More photos and recipes posts to come soon… I promise!

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0 thoughts on “Happy Belated Blog Day!

  1. Lara! Thank you so much for the link (and the lovely compliments). We’re so tickled you like the blog.

    Sorry for the belated thanks — we didn’t get a trackback and had no idea you’d linked to us until we looked at inbound traffic reports.

    But you’re in our RSS reader now…

  2. Annie, Lisa, Anita & Cameron – You are more than welcome. I definitely have gotten a ton of enjoyment from your blogs. Sorry I spazzed on letting you know that I was listing you! I seem to be a bit behind on everything these days. But glad you all know I’m thinking about you!

    Tanna & Lucy – Thanks & I’m glad you are getting to try these out!

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