Podcast Interview with Kelly Cline


Kelly Cline, a food photographer in Seattle and one of my Flickr friends just did a podcast interview for LightSource. Kelly’s work is really amazing, so be sure to check out the interview for some great tips on using natural light and making food look beautiful.

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0 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Kelly Cline

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. It’s too bad her website is down I’d like to see more of her work but the podcast itself was very informative and entertaining 🙂

  2. Wheee! Thanks for posting this L! That interview was so much fun, they are great guys.

    My website is back up now, my auto-pay got interrupted due to a lovely credit card scam resulting in my cancelling my business card and forgetting to update the information with my host. Talk about bad timing! But it is there now YAY!

    L… it was so nice to sit down with you today, thanks for a great morning of fabulous foodie talk!

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