Why I love thrift stores


20 pieces. $4.

And six of the silver plated forks even match! (They just took a bit of elbow grease to clean up).

I got a ton of other stuff too, like a mini pizza peal, several “silver” trays, a cool wooden bowl, a new milk steamer pitcher, a vintage chinois, and a crochet table cloth… all in just $24.

Thrift stores have got to be the best place for props, ever.

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9 thoughts on “Why I love thrift stores

  1. Jack – It’s a great place for jeans too. They already have the worn in look without the $$.

    Eliza – It’s amazing what you can find there… I went looking for old wooden cutting boards (which were strangely missing), but left with so much other cool stuff I didn’t regret it!


  2. I absolutely LOVE thrift stores! Since we are on a budget, this is where we do most of our clothes shopping. You can find good quaility clothes for very reasonable prices. I always wash them, then they’re good to go. It saves us tons of money and we still look nice.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift stores! Pre-kids I was all about the home furnishings… now the house is full and I’m mostly into the clothing bargains I find at thrift stores! You got some cool stuff… inspires me to take a spin in the housewares aisle next trip!

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