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The Ideas in Food blog folks, husband and wife team H. Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, and outstanding co-chefs in their own right, have just self-published a book… not a cookbook, but a book of photographic inspirations for cooks, food photographers and stylists alike. The photos included are all images from their blog, picked because they particularly inspired a sense of imagination and creativity. The printed book is big (172 pages) and a bit pricey (almost $50) for its content, but the online version is available for immediate download for only $18.75.

I purchased the online version, and with a quick look through, I think it’s a great collection of new ways to think about food… and gives some insight into how the authors think about designing their dishes. The book also contains a couple of sketches of food reminiscent of fashion designers or architects. A few of the fantastical creations are a crab “sheet” that incorporates broccoli, cocoa nibs and powdered yuzu lemon or foie gras cotton candy.

The photography isn’t world class… many of the shots have unflattering harsh shadows and would be improved by more careful and selective focusing… but the presentation and plating is still beautiful and I think quite inspiring for home cooks and bloggers. It’s tricky with limited studio gear to get your photos to look like they’ve come out of the pages of a Donna Hay magazine. The Ideas in Food book gives novices a bit more reachable goal, and I think it’s a great fresh entry into this space.

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  1. I wish I can blog the way that you do, soon as I get to have spare time I’d push myself and cater what I get to learn everyday.

    I hope I can join you, be your apprentice? Hehe! 🙂 Avid fan of your site, it was just now that I had the courage to comment.

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