Conference of Food Photography and Styling at Boston University


Boston University has recently announced a new conference for food photographers and stylists. Stylists John Carafoli and Lisa Golden Schroeder ( chair the Boston U Gastronomy Masters program, and have created this long weekend event to focus on the business of creating food images. A panel of international food stylists, photographers and design professionals will lead discussions on issues from food corporations to cookbooks. Speakers include:

* Darra Goldstein, editor-in-chief, Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture
* Shirley Corriher, author, Cookwise and Kitchen Secrets Revealed
* Harold McGee, food scientist and author, On Food and Cooking
* Romulo Yanes, food photographer for Gourmet magazine
* Cindy Lund, food styling manager at General Mills, Inc.
* Carol Peterson, noted food stylist for name brands including Pillsbury, Green Giant, Eggo, and Del Monte

The conference is June 1st through 4th 2007. Price is not yet listed on the site, but there phone numbers listed to register. For more information, see the Boston University special events page.
And for those that are interested in food writing as well, there is a one day talk on March 31st, with some fantastic names from the food-authoring biz:

* Ilene Bezahler, publisher and editor, Edible Boston
* Jane Black, food editor, Boston Magazine
* Doe Coover, literary agent, Doe Coover Agency
* Annie Copps, food editor, Yankee Magazine
* Richard Elia, publisher, Quarterly Review of Wines
* Darra Goldstein, editor-in-chief, Gastronomica:The Journal of Food and Culture
* Sheryl Julian, food editor, Boston Globe
* Christopher Kimball, editor, Cook’s Illustrated
* Rux Martin, cookbook editor
* Alex Prud’homme, co-author, My Life in France (with Julia Child)
* Nina Simonds, cookbook author

This talk is $125, and includes lunch.

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0 thoughts on “Conference of Food Photography and Styling at Boston University

  1. Oh, wow. Boston’s an easy trek for me, and I’d love to go. But if it really is $500 or so like Nika says, I can’t really throw that much at a conference right now. I’d rather throw it at a tripod and some lights.

  2. Seeing as how I’m about to graduate from the place, I don’t really feel like sticking around. But this seems interesting enough to stick around to see.

    Honestly, this University continues to suprise me. I’m in the hospitality program, and haven’t even heard about this. Hopefully they’ll give recent-grads a discount…

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