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It’s been a while since I did much searching for these, but there are several classes coming up in the next 6 months that you might be interested in checking out:

Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan are hosting several upcoming classes in the LA area: May 12 -13th is the next Master Food Styling class, a hands-on, coached weekend in the kitchen. If you can’t make that, look for the Food Styling Workshop, a 3-day intensive class, October 26-28th. For more information, plus what looks like some upcoming International classes, see the Culinary Entrepreneurship Program website.

If you are in the Kansas City area, you might be interested in the Styling Workshop at David Morris Photography. This 2-3 day workshop (April 26-28, 2007) is focused on jumpstarting novice stylists and boosting experienced stylists’ value in the workplace. For more details, send see the Foodesigns website.

And, if you were interested in the upcoming food styling and photography conference at Boston University, there is more information up on their site now. Looks to be an exceptionally valuable few days, June 1st – 4th.

If you don’t have time for travel, there are online food styling courses at PhotoStylingWorkshops.com. The next round of Lisa Golden Schroeder’s online class, Food Styling 101, starts on April 17th.

The French Culinary Institute in New York is offering a 2 session course in Plating and Styling in late July/early August. It’s quite pricey at $695, but looks like it offers some good basics, and the Saturday morning schedule works for most folks… and it’s still not as expensive as the CIA ProChef courses in styling, taught by well-known stylist Delores Custer. Upcoming sections are Mar. 19 – 23, May 7 – 11 and Sep. 24 – 28, and are about $1200 each. The classes are held in Hyde Park, New York and not only do you learn food styling, but you spend time working on building a portfolio and have CIA food photographers shoot your work.

Of course, if you are just starting out, any cooking class is going to be helpful to your food styling, since the root of all food styling is being a good cook!

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Food Styling Classes

  1. I’m having a horrible burning desire now to take the CIA class next week. I live nearby and teach college, but we’re on break then. Argghhh. It seems like so much money and I’m just a food obsessed blogger. How to justify this? How to pay for it? I’m going to drive myself crazy.

  2. oh it’s you lara! hahahaha…i have your cook and eat site in my blogroll but am still adding this one! definitely! anyway, nearest to me is CIA and been there since my cousin was a recent graduate…but $1200? hmmm, i have to do some stunts to make my hubby say yes! lol! would you know of any AFFORDABLE classes during the 2nd wk of april in LA? well, i will be in Vegas then…

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