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61 thoughts on “Food Stylists

  1. Paige Boyle is a Dallas-based freelance food stylist whose career is defined by a great passion to make food look incredible.

    Paige has held positions as a restaurant chef, food magazine editor and test kitchen recipe developer, honing her food styling skills along the way. Her early food styling career focused on editorial food photography for national magazines such as Cooking Light and Better Homes and Gardens. Paige’s features for editorial publications, including many best-selling cookbooks, have afforded her the opportunity to style for renowned chefs and television personalities such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Bouloud, Giada De Laurentiis, Alice Waters and Rocco DiSpirito.

    Paige returned to Texas to launch her freelance styling business and now divides her time between editorial, advertising, packaging and television food styling. She works for industry-leading advertising clients such as T.G.I. Friday’s, Budweiser, 7-Eleven, Sara Lee and Sam’s Club. As a seasoned styling professional, Paige focuses on inventive techniques and culinary creativity. Her local and national clients value her exceptional and consistent work, as well as her diligent and attentive personality.

    Trinity University, B.A.-San Antonio, TX
    Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, NY
    Italian Cookery Weeks – Orvieto, Italy
    IES Study Abroad Program – London, England
    Food On Film Seminar – Minneapolis, MN

    Professional Affiliations
    -International Association of Culinary Professionals
    -Les Dames d’Escoffier International
    -American Institute of Wine and Food

    Please visit Paige’s featured artist profile on:

  2. I am a NYC based food stylist specializing in
    live television food segments. ( The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Tony Danza, The View, Today Show, Good Morning America, Isaac,The Fox Morning show with Mike and Juliet and many more)
    food is my passion and so is my work- sometimes it almost seems indecent to get paid for something I love doing so much- but then I love not only creating gorgeous and delicious food – I also love to travel and explore new frontiers of culture and food to be inspired and challenged.
    I love to eat in fabulous restaurants and little dives-wherever good food might be calling me, I love foie gras, truffles and Dom Perignon. so – you can see I do need to charge after all.
    I grew up in Vienna, Austria- that’s of course where my love for food started. I am now dividing my time between Vienna and Manhattan – to me the two best places in the world.

    I am a NYC based food stylist specializing in
    live television food segments. ( The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Tony Danza, The View, Today Show, Good Morning America, Isaac,The Fox Morning show with Mike and Juliette and many more)
    food is my passion and so is my work- sometimes it almost seems indecent to get paid for something I love doing so much- but then I love not only creating gorgeaous and delicious food – i also love to travel and explore new fontiers of culture and food to be inspired and challenged
    ( mostly to my native Vienna to visit my family)eat in fabulous restaurants and drink Dom Perignon. so – you can see i do need to charge afterall i do need to

  3. Based in the San Francisco area,I have been food styling for 15 years. I love to bring out beauty where I can see it, making the food look fresh and alive and apetizing. I care for the details and the goals set by my clients.
    Please check my website at:
    thanks !

  4. More than 20 years of diverse food styling and beverage styling experience with offices in NYC, NY and Boulder, Colorado. Have passport and kits, will travel.
    Online portfolio, client list and other information at
    Beauty tabletop, macro motion, location, print advertising,
    commercials, features, editorial, packaging – the whole enchilada!
    Reel available on request.
    (Prvate food styling instruction available for serious students.)
    212-737-5746 or 303-530-3416

  5. Professional food stylist with 12 years experience in advertising and editorial food styling. Many national clients like Tyson Foods, Starbuck’s, Culver’s, Butterball Turkey, Sara Lee, Miller Brewing, Rice A Roni, Taste of Home, Light & Tasty, Simple and Delicious.



    Located in Wisconsin but will travel to you!

  6. We have an extensive network of food stylists, If you are a: Food Show Producer, Food Photographer,
    Prop Master, Art Director, Cookbook Author or Publisher
    and are looking for food stylists, prep kitchen staff, or prop food
    Food Fanatics is here to help.

    • Food styling for photography
    • Food styling for TV and movies
    • Segment blocking for cooking demonstrations and TV shows
    • Prop food for TV shows, infomercials and movies
    • Writing entertaining and catering books
    • Developing, testing and editing recipes
    • Teaching classes and giving demonstrations

    Some of the cookbooks we’ve worked on have won awards recently. Eat Taste Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living has won the Maverick Award for Excellence in Photography and The Private Chef won the Golden Ink Bronze Prize in the cookbook category. Food Fanatics also won the IACP Food Stylist Award in 2003 for Commercial Art and Photography.

    Contact us today!
    Denise Vivaldo

  7. Carolyn Schirmacher
    Food Stylist Photo Art Director Production Designer

    Portland, Oregon 97239
    Tel: 503 222 4266
    Web-site in progress

    For over 30 years, Carolyn Schirmacher has been providing creative production services as a Food Stylist and Photo Art Director in both Film and Print. She is experienced in all venues of Foodstyling and is equally comfortable styling product, action or special effects; creating model food, digital props or Heading up the Art Department on an Infomercial. Resides in Portland Oregon: Will travel.
    Emerging Photographer: color managed digital art, comfortable with CS3.
    OMPA, PAF, Affliliate ASMP
    Watch Me In Action: OPB “Art Beat”

  8. Professional Food Stylist and Recipe Developer based in the SF Bay area. 25 years of experience working with food and 5 years as a stylist. I enjoy making food look beautiful and giving it a fresh appearance (and taste where applicable).

    E-mail for portfolio shots.

    Thank You.

  9. Hello,

    I am currently in the LA area and am more than willing to travel. I am looking for a job doing food styling or prop styling for food (and am happy to take a job assisting as well.) I am new in this part of the industry, but have been working in restaurants for the past 9 years. I have held amost ever job imginable at a restuaruant from chef, to mangager, waitress, and have even done the flower arrangements. I have an artistic eye and am in love with food.

    You can contact me via email or by phone at (310) 382-0810.

  10. Susan Bosman is a food and wine stylists based in Cape town , South Africa, who started her career as a food assistant for a magazine in 2004. While assisting she discovered her real love: food and wine!
    Susan’s love for food started in the home economics class when she was in high school. It was only when her art teacher and mentor suggested that she should consider a career in cheffing, that she started to explore the world of food and wine! She soon discovered that she can make a living out of preparing and making food look pretty!
    In 2002 she enrolled at the Institute of Culinary arts in Stellenbosch. Here she completed the Diploma in Culinary Arts, Professional Cheffing and Baking. Not only did she mastered the theory of food and wine, but did she worked in various establishments to implement what she have learned in the industry of “real” kitchens.
    At the end of 2005 Susan decided to take a giant leap that would lead her closer to living out her passion and dream: she exchanged a steady income as a food assistant, for the love of food and wine. She started her freelance career as a food and wine stylist
    Susan is well-established in editorial, advertising and publishing industries.

    Susan’s Philosophy:
    I believe that when you prepare food either for styling or the consumption of it, that it should not only look good (luscious) but taste out of this world. Always use the freshest ingredients that you can get, support the locals, and most important of all never make food either for a photo-shoot or entertaining without love! With my styling and consulting work I hope and believe in educate those who are just as passionate and willing to learn more about food as I am.

  11. I’m looking to be a part time assistant to a professional food stylist in the San Francisco Bay Area.I have a degree in Advertising / Design. I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America and have nineteen years experience in food retail,(Specializing in Meat). My Employers included Dean and Deluca (NYC) and Wholefoods Market (L.A. and Berkeley Ca.)

  12. Trace Hayes (Visualfare food styling), has a newly designed website. has a great new look and all new images taken from his work in Dallas, Texas over the past year. Trace, a premier food stylist in Las Vegas for over 15 years, relocated to Dallas, Texas a few years ago. The launch of the new website reflects his contemporary and progressive food styling innovations and services. He and his team offer complete services for film, television and print.
    Please visit the new website:

  13. Hi,

    I am looking to gain some experience as a food styling assistant. I have just finished an introductory course in food styling and i am very keen to build up some expereince and learn more!

    I am a qualified graphic designer and I am based in London.

    Please contact me on:
    or 07765110639



  14. HI,
    I am looking forward to be a food styling assistant.

    I have complited culinary management course in George Brown College in Toronto, and have exeperience as a cook.



  15. I have been doing food styling and prop styling for more than 20 years. I live in San Francisco, but work in studios and on location all over the Bay Area, as well as nationally, and even on occasion, internationally.

    I do both print and film projects: advertising, packaging and editorial, involving every imaginable type of food and beverage.

    Satellite media tour support is also a specialty. I am well-versed at every aspect, set dressing, support of recipe preparation and of course the finished hero.

    I am extremely comfortable and sincerely enjoy, both looser, more natural editorial work, as well as extremely detailed tweezer work, say composing corn flakes on a spoon.

    I love propping and, when asked to collaborate, pride myself in photo composition of the elements surrounding the plate, as well as what’s on the plate. I do a mean napkin fold.

    My clients include, Calphalon Cookware, Chronicle Books, Del Monte, Kellogg’s, Kikkoman, Nestle’s and Sunset Magazine, to name a few.

    Please visit my website:

  16. Fresh,
    Offering a full range of food styling services and creating high quality culinary designs that will make your food advertising and commercial promotions pop!
    Specialities include prop styling, cookbook collaboration, design, and consultation, recipe development, evaluation and testing.

    25 years of food styling, travel, studio and location.

    Irene Bertolucci
    Elk Grove, CA
    916 320 0397

  17. please add my contact info to your food stylist listing-

    Lucy Neilson Radys
    Portland Oregon
    503 704-4195

    I enjoy the creative concepting and product positioning aspect of food styling and work with clients producing advertising, editorial, packaging and film. I also am a recipe developer, food copywriter and give culinary instruction.

  18. Semi-retired Food/product stylist wanting to stay in the arena of creating and composing foods and products. If you have the need of an ASSISTANT who has been seasoned as a stylist for 23yrs. Give me a jingle. I will travel anywhere, Colorful, Creative, Fun.

  19. Greetings.

    I am New York native and stylist. I have experience in many aspects of the business. Beginning with catalog, editorial, cookbooks, live television, packaging and commercials. I still love to assist. No matter how much experience one might have, there is always something new to be learned. Catering & developing recipes keeps me in tune with culinary trends.

    Food is my everything. I consider myself both a creative cook and funky food stylist. I have been involved in the culinary industry for over 15 years. I can whip up food from your fridge into gourmet meals or comforting delights. I create new recipes everyday with ease. My life revolves around food, the way its grown, prepared & presented. My mind set is the love of food and bringing people together. It all starts with the freshest ingredients and the magic in my two little hands.

    Feel free to call upon anytime.
    Speak to you soon.

  20. To whom it may concern,

    I am looking for a food stylist in the midwest area. The shoot will take place in Bentonville AR and is for SAMS CLUB/Wal-Mart. Interested stylists please apply. Thanks


  21. A unique student with a culinary diploma and a degree in food and nutrition seeks a food styling assistant position. I’m located in Toronto, Ont, but willing to travel anywhere for the chance to be your assistant. Contact me if interested in a side kick!
    Home Phone: 905 632 7833

  22. I am a NYC based Food Stylist that is looking for either a part time or full time Food Styling Assistant position. I am a graduate of culinary school and have experience in both print and live television, recipe development and testing as well. I have worked with a few well known food media entities. Please contact me for further info…

  23. It will make you want to lick the page.

    I have over 20 years experience as a food stylist. I work with National brands such as Starbucks, Tyson Foods, Whole Foods Markets, Nordstrom, Costco and Seattles Best Coffee. I have also worked on many Chronicle Cookbooks. I am a classically trained chef, who also spent many years as a recipe writer and restaurant consultant. I can do it all, and will travel to you. I live in Seattle and can be reached at (206) 782-8316 Visit my web site

  24. excutive chef in the glasgow area seeking food styling work, most types of food areas covered
    todays trends magazines packaging ect

  25. I am a Toronto based Food Stylist who is looking to expand into the Montreal area. I am very experienced in all aspects of styling, including advertising, editorial, advertorial, packaging  and commercials. My clients include Kraft Canada, Tim Hortons, Sobeys and Oxygen Magazine.

    On every job I do, I interpret what the client wants for a shot and explore the possibilities. I work closely with the team to develop the perfect look for the food in front of us and the lens. Visit my portfolio to see how every shot has it’s own character and its own unique pose.

    What do you want your food to look like?

    Chantal Payette

  26. Hi John,

    Rob Brady here, Edinburgh based photographer.

    Im in need of a food stylist and was wondering if you are free for a shoot around the 9th of December 08 in a Glasgow studio.

    It’s for Frame in Glasgow and the client in turn is Subway.

    It’s a quick shoot of a few Subway products for internal usage/point of sale.

    If you are free… I just need to know your daily rate?

    If you could get back to asap that would be great.

    Best wishes

    Rob Brady

  27. Kathleen is a Birmingham, AL food stylist with 20 years food styling,recipe testing,and recipe development experience with Cooking Light Magazine and Health Magazine. Willing to travel.

  28. Peilin Chen Breller
    Orange County & Los Angeles
    freelance food stylist: commercials, film & print

    clients: Walmart, Rodale Publications, The Zone Diet, Cuisinart, Sanyo, Black & Decker, Kikkoman etc.

    Available for travel.

  29. It’s been over 17 years since Kim first walked onto
    the set during a food shoot and was smitten.
    She left a career in television
    post production and never looked back.

    Since then Kim has styled food for
    advertising, cookbooks, television commercials, packaging
    and more.

    She has had the opportunity to work along side
    some of the finest photographers in the country .

    Collaborating with other food stylists
    on projects large and small is no problem.

    Kim is ready to travel anywhere, anytime,
    to help give your next food shoot the attention it deserves.

    View my website:

    Thank you.

  30. Hi,

    My name is Veronica Laramie, I’m currently seeking a part-time job as assistant food stylist in the SF Area or Berkley. I’m a Pastry Chef, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, with 5 years of experience, as well, some experience with food stylist, having worked with Charlie Trotter in Chicago, IL for 2 years.
    Please contact me for further information.

  31. With over 10 years Food Styling and Recipe Development and 5 years restaurant experience under my apron strings.
    In addition to my extensive styling experience in print and television I have also worked:
    – In Pastry Kitchens in France and New York
    – As a Food Editor for Martha Stewart Omnimedia, in Television and Editorial
    – As Culinary Producer on a pilot for Food Network

    I still consider myself fortunate to get paid to shop, prepare and cook beautiful and delicious food for a living. I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with some of the most talented photographers and art directors in the business.

    I am available for travel — gladly!

    Please check out my site:

  32. After 15 years of chefing around New Zealand, the U.K. Europe, and the United States, I have settled in Brighton, England and am looking for work in the food styling industry. The photographer that i work with and I have done a few jobs for a couple of websites and are both looking at expanding into this area of food photography.
    We have a full range of props and various locations that we can shoot.
    Please contact me for more information or enquires


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