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I’m a bit irked with Food & right now. They replaced their little blogwatch thing that used to do a nice job of showcasing some of the cool stuff out there, and made it all internal links to their own stuff. So, the one draw the website always had for me, no longer brings me there. Oh, well. Their loss.

I do subscribe to the print magazine though, and I just noticed that they’ve just announced a new food photo contest. The last one was pretty cool, not only for the winner, who received a Canon Digital Rebel, but also for a bunch of folks who got to have their photos featured in a gallery on the Food & Wine website. This time, the focus is on travel food photography, and you can win a Samsung Smart Phone. It’s a great theme, and one that is often overlooked when food photography contests are run. I can’t wait to see what the results are!

Photos must be entered by the end of May, and you can find out more on the Food & Wine website.

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0 thoughts on “New Food & Wine Food Photo Contest

  1. Hi Lara,

    I’m with you regarding F&W’s blog watch. I always enjoyed it and it really did point out some great posts.

    While I’m glad to see another contest, I’m disappointed that entries are not allowed from Canada (it’s US only). However, I know there will be a lot of amazing photos to admire!

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