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By now, you are certainly familiar with the Moo minicards, and have probably heard about the newly released Moo stickers… little prints of goodness made from your personal selection of your Flickr photos. They are (relatively) inexpensive for such small print runs, fun sizes, and quite nice on print quality. But, have you seen the new Moo note cards yet? Somehow, these slipped past me when they were first released. I found them a few weeks ago, and ordered a test set.

They just arrived, and I have to say, they are my favorite Moo product yet. While quite a bit more expensive than the other goodies ($24.99 for 16), these cards are great little mailable pieces for those needing to stay in touch with friends or even potential clients. Like all Moo products, each card can be of a different image. The cool thing about the note cards though is that they have quite a novel size and shape. The image itself is a small square (100mm x 100mm), with a little flap that lets them easily sit up for display. It’s the kind of thing that people look at and go, “Hey, neat!”

There’s plenty of room on the back for a little handwritten note, or you can have up to six lines pre-printed. Just like the MiniCards, you can also put all your contact info and icon at the bottom, back of each card.

I certainly won’t be ordering these for any mass mailings, but for follow-up notes and thank yous, these fit the bill beautifully.

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  1. Long time lurker…I love MiniCards, and Notecards. I just ordered the Stickers (free global shipping in July!) so I will see how those are, too.

    I ordered my notecards few months ago and now I’m just trying to decide which one to “let go of” – if you’re interested in swapping, let me know.

  2. Watch out, the US postal service charges extra for square envelopes… (I assume the envelopes are square too)

  3. Hi Laurel,

    Nope, the envelopes are rectangular, because of the little flap (which you don’t fold until you receive the card). So, postage should be normal!


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