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I guess it’s not so much where I’ve gone, as where I’m going to. After months and months of trying to come up with the right remodel plan for our house to give me more space to shoot, a house just 5 houses down from us was going up for sale. We jumped on it before it hit the market, and have been in a whirlwind of real estate transactions ever since. We are so excited for the new space… much bigger kitchen and a whole room dedicated to be my studio… all without leaving our neighbors who we couldn’t imagine leaving. It really couldn’t be better.

With one tiny problem. I have been queen of bargain prop shopping over the last year or so. Today, I’ve already packed 8 large boxes with my props, and I don’t think I’m even half way done yet. None of the boxes are liftable anymore (at least not by me). The only thing keeping me going is the beer and ice cream that are clear requirements of any large moving job. That and the fact that I HAVE to be done with the kitchen by tomorrow night, as the floor-sander-dude is coming to the house this week to redo the floors.

If I end up with an hour or two free at some point this week, I have some great posts that just need to get written up! Otherwise, see you in the new house!

PS: Our existing house will be on the market in early September. It’s got great light for anyone just getting started in food photography!!! Tell your friends! Plus, trust me, I can’t think of a nicer block to live on in Seattle if you like to hang with your neighbors.

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  1. I can sympathize with the bargain props thing. I’ve only been at this a short while, but my collection seems to grow every time I go out. We’re in the middle of moving also, and now that I’ve got better light in my “dining room” there will be a lot more props coming, I’m sure.

    One of these days I may actually move on to a dSLR, but for now, my PowerShot S3-IS seems to be working just fine 😀

  2. As someone who lives in a big house with terrible light and tiny, infrequent windows: you go, girl! Bravo, and best for a smooth move.

  3. how exciting! I wish I had some helpful hints for you; I’ve certainly packed my share of kitchens! I’m sending good house-selling vibes your way. 😀

  4. I just stumbled across your blog, and love it! I am by no means a photographer, just someone who loves photos.

    Congrats on the new house, and good luck with selling the old one (we are currently in the process of selling)

  5. Hello, stumbled upon your blog for the first time, such a beautiful blog with tips and tricks. I absoutely love it, I am a novice blogger and your tips will be very helpful.

    Congratulations on your new house !!!.

    wanted to see if you could help with my question, if taking a professional course on learning to photographs is a must to get good qualtiy pics or can we excel by learning on the job.

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