Seen this yet? Tastebook is a new site, partly sponsored by Epicurious.com that lets you create cookbooks with your own recipes as well as recipes from other sites online. The print look pretty impressive online, and offer some advantages over other on-demand printing (like Lulu and Blurb) like tabs for different sections and removable pages. At 100 recipes for $35, it’s a great new way to get started as a cookbook author!

7 thoughts on “Tastebook

  1. Linda – you are right, and it’s so disappointing! Hopefully that will change soon. The help topics that tell you that you can’t add your personal photos sort of hint that it’s a “yet.”


  2. I sent them an email last night (“feedback”) and they replied right away saying that personal photos for covers, tabs, and recipes was something they were very much working on. Woo!

  3. Hi, I work for SharedBook, where we recently introduced Create-A-Cookbook with Allrecipes.com. I thought you might be interested because Create-A-Cookbook already allows you to add personal photos to covers and recipes. You can also add your own stories as well! Create-A-Cookbook is fully collaborative, which means that you can invite friends and family to the book making space, where they can create their own cookbook if they like. It’s a great way to make a professional-looking, customized cookbook to hold your treasured recipes. You can find more information at http://www.allrecipes.com if you would like to learn more.

  4. I sent them an e-mail yesterday (“feedback”) and they responded right away saying that individual images for includes, an eye, and dishes was something they were very much operating on. Woo!


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