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  1. i love my lowel egos. i too found out about them through steam kitchen’s post, and having struggled with other cheapie lightboxes and kits, i was sceptical. the only real problem i’ve had with them was in set-up; there’s really nothing to do except fold down a plastic bracket and insert the light fixture, but the plastic brackets in mine were so stiff that i really thought i was going to break it and render the whole thing useless before i got going. however, with a lot of gentle coaxing i got it to where it should be, sort of. once set up, it was an absolute breeze. i haven’t played with them, but i bought them more for convenience than for creativity.

  2. lara, i love your blog! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and finds!
    i have a little experience with still lifes but none with food. So far i had always shot with natural light but i just got a job where i might need extra lights. A friend gave me a photoflex small softbox with a stand, but I am not sure if this kind of light is best to shoot food. would you be kind to tell me if you have any experience or recommendation using softboxes vs your umbrella setup or the lowel tabletop light? thank you so much!!
    here is the link if you want to view it;

  3. Hi L,
    I haven’t got any lighting just yet and was wondering if you would recommend the EGO lights or the tota-pak?

  4. Hey L!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    I’ve been using the EGOs for all my food shots on the blog and for the cookbook and it’s been a lifesaver since the winter months were so dark by 5pm. But, spring brings more light! Can’t wait to start using natural lighting again.


  5. Hello, just spent the whole day reading your blog and I have completed it..(phew). A question before jumping into buying the EGOs.

    is the light source big enough for food? I know lot of people use them but I just want to be sure. Currently, I am using a speedlight (580EX) inside a westcott apollo softbox (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/62245-REG/Westcott_2334_Apollo_Mono_Softbox_with.html)this is a 28″x28″ in size and on my first attempt I had decent results but wound up having some reflections that i could not control. I was told that a larger light source would be required. that is the reason for my comment here.

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