Wow. I am simply blown away by both the overall quantity and quality of the photos for March. You guys really have outdone yourself… and out done me, as I am very, very behind on my comments on all the wonderful shots submitted. On the positive side, I’ve carved out some time this weekend that I will sit and make sure I get through them all… some 248 of them! And then I will be one tired bunny!

While I work on that… I hope you guys will get as excited about this month’s challenge… Food Travel. One of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing what all the special food stuffs are wherever I go. If you happen to be traveling right now, do share some of your secret finds. If you aren’t traveling… even better! Here’s your chance to think like a pro photographer and shoot your own town as a traveler’s destination. This is the kind of assignment I get all the time and it happens to be one of my favorites because I learn more about my own city and feel like I’ve been adventuring without all the $$. The key to this challenge is shooting on location where lighting is probably mostly out of your control. You’ll want to think about your destination and what kind of light it has and when the best time to shoot will be. Think about the types of shots you might see in Australian Gourmet Traveller or Travel & Leisure… the shots that are often the most intriguing bring a sense of the culture into them. Markets, restaurants, bars are all wonderful places to take photos. Feel free to combine two images to build the picture. Think about the color. Bring in some life. Explore somewhere new or share some of your favorite places. Most of all, have fun!

The usual rules and are up on the Flickr group… the things like be constructive, take the photos during the month if possible, 3 photos per person and the last day will be around April 30th give or take a few days.