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I’ve been up to my ears in work, with the exception of a quick jaunt down to visit my favorite food photographer and food stylist in LA… but lots has been going on out there in the food photography and styling world! In case you’ve missed any of these interesting news bits and links:

Remember the Food Photography & Styling Conference that I attended last summer? There is another one in the works for 2009!

Phase One’s latest newsletter included a PDF Food Portfolio featuring a ton of high style, in studio work, as well as some behind the scenes on crafting a Food Portfolio.

The Food Network Challenge is on Superstar Food Stylists. The last showing is on June 25th.

Tastespotting may be gone, but Liqurious may quench your thirst with a few beverage images.

Shinebox Print makes great little bound booklets that make for interesting small portfolios. You can even make each page easily removable for cool business cards. I did a print run of 10, and am in love with the print quality.

And, speaking of printing, I recently made a new promotional piece on Blurb… just a small 10 recipe cookbook. It’s a great form factor for promotional use and with each softcover only costing about $13, it’s easy to keep 5 or 10 on hand. I’m also going to be trying out Asuka Book which is a service for professional photographers.

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  1. You are an absolute ledgend for sharing your knowledneg so generously. I’ve learned so much about the delicate art of Food Blogging from your site.

    Thank you!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s true, you are very generous. I love those links. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try blurb and your marketing idea is a great one! I love that making a focused recipe book wouldn’t be an overwhelming process! The tear-out card product is wonderful. I just wish it weren’t quite so pricey. Thanks again.

    p.s. The very last link goes to blurb – is that an error?

  3. I just found your blog via Design*Sponge. I love it! I’m glad to find someone discussing photo styling… I do floral design, but would like to someday participate in a book project with a photographer. The Randy Mon interview was stellar.

  4. just wanted to let you know that been back up for a few days now. thanks for the support and patience with us over the last couple of weeks…

  5. Merci beaucoup for all these links and all your helpful crits over time…you have inifinte patience with us newbies in food photography. To me,that is the sign of a consummate professional.
    Just wanted to say that your help is so appreciated.
    Merci mille fois…Thérèse-Marie

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