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Ciao! I hope someone is still out there… I was really hoping to be able to post more while we were on vacation, but after my last post took an entire afternoon just to upload, I just didn’t have the patience. Now, I’m back home, and getting all caught up. While I remember how to do this whole blogging thing, I thought I’d share a few photos from Firenze (aka Florence).

While I’ve been to Italy several times before, it was my first trip to Firenze, and not surprisingly, it was amazing. We had unbelievable meals (thanks to my new favorite Italian food guide book, the Slow Food “Osterie & Locande d’Italia”… this book was a goldmine of great places, and I wouldn’t go back to Italy without it. One word of warning though: don’t trust the payment methods listed. Many of the places, esp. in Firenze, were cash only despite the description in the book), saw Italian opera in Boboli gardens, climbed the steps to the top of the Duomo, shopped like crazy, experinece plenty of Tuscan sun, and ate more than our fair share of gelato. While we were there, I was also lucky enough to get to meet Ilva of the lovely Lucullian Delights blog. What a wonderful treat! Ilva is a marvel with her camera and her recipes…

I hope to be back with some recipes myself from the trip later this week. Until then, here are the shots from Firenze:

 Mg 3664
 Mg 3646 Mg 3650
 Mg 3670 Mg 3672
 Mg 3680
 Mg 3683 Mg 3697
 Mg 3694 Mg 3687
 Mg 3702 Mg 3705
 Mg 3709 Mg 3713
 Mg 3722 Mg 3701
 Mg 3740
 Mg 3728 Mg 3748


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  1. I’m very jealous that you got to meet Ilva. Someday I’m going to visit her, soon I hope. Your trip sounds like it was wonderful, great photos.

  2. How nice it is to see photos and recognize where they are shot! It was real nice to meet you too. I am happy you enjoyed your vacation in Italy!

  3. What a treat to see this post! I just got back from Italy myself (about a week ago). I was there for 3 weeks visiting my family (not too far from Urbino!) and I also spent 3 days in Rome. Your pictures have brought back lots of happy memories. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  4. Hah! I have almost the exact same picture as yours, of the man at the meat counter…though mine is hardly as pretty. I could have stood in the center of that market, taking deep breaths all day and just looking at everything. So glad you had a good time in Florence, and thanks for the book recommendation – I’ll have to pick it up before I flee life and responsibility and run away to a little villa somewhere…ah, to dream.

  5. I spent a year in Florence in college and your pictures bring back such wonderful memories! I love your blog, although I just now discovered it. I linked to it right away!

  6. Hi,i’m glad to see how much do you love your trip in florence!!
    i’m living in florence (so now you can understand why my english is so scary!!!!)i hope you can back here, and if you want i can show to you some secret restaurant here where you can find somenthing particular!:)))

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