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I’m not big into Valentines Day… I’m so unaware of it, that this year, forgot to even notice it and booked myself to work. Cameron actually had to say to me, you know, it is Valentines Day today. Oh, yeah.

But, it has turned out to be such a beautiful day… a lovely bit of sunshine just begging me to set work aside for a day, and get out of the house. Which is what I’m just about to go do.

But first, I had to say, even though I’m not a big valentines day kind of person, I am quite enamored of a good bar of chocolate.

And when the lovely folks at Vosges recently sent me a sampler of some of their latest flavors, I found myself developing the most unusual of crushes. There were all kinds of wonderful flavors. The Habana has plantain chips and milk chocolate, and is just a tiny bit salty. Then, there is the Vosges’s take on “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” that manages to satisfy the Reeses lover in me… it’s all comfort and wonderful without being at all snooty. And I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the Dominican Republic Deep Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate bars.

But the bar that really grabbed me may surprise you. My new chocolate crush is on a dark chocolate bar with walnuts and organic enchanted mushroom. Yes, you read that right. Dark chocolate, walnut and mushroom. (and no, they aren’t THAT kind of mushroom).

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I was skeptical at first. Why go do something like ruin a beautiful piece of dark chocolate… one that is perfectly tempered, making a perfect snap when breaking off a square. One that when at that perfect temperature softens like velvet. I’m not usually even a fan of nuts in my chocolate… I don’t like anything to get between me and the melty goodness. So, mushroom and chocolate? But, as it turns out, it’s just a lovely combination. The walnuts and mushroom are so subtle they yield along with the chocolate imparting a deep earthiness, and rounding out the bittersweet leaving me with a simple, mmmm and a craving for more. With each subsequent bite, my intrigue grows. Maybe it’s all those antioxidants, or as Chinese tradition asserts, the Reishi mushrooms is the mushroom of immortality. In fact, after nibbling my way through a full square, I’m feeling pretty darn peppy.

So, with that, I’m going to to take advantage of the lovely bluebird winter day we are having here in Seattle today, and spend a bit of time with my own sweetie… the one that I really have a crush on. Chocolate can only hold my interest for so long, you know. Happy Day everyone.

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  1. Chocolate and mushrooms, I never thought I would live to hear that combination. The other flavors MUCH better, who doesn’t love Reeses? Happy Valentines Day

  2. Oh, wait until you have the opportunity to try their hard scoop ice cream flavors. There’s one with curry in it. Who’d ‘a thunk curry would make for such a wonderful ice cream flavor?!

  3. I was recently in Vegas and picked up Mo’s Bacon bar at the Vosges boutique. I will review it on my blog soon. I noticed the mushroom one you refer to in the store but unfortunately I couldn’t bring them all home! I’m curious, how did you get a sampler from the company?

  4. I went to high school with Katrina, the owner of Vosges, and this is the second post I found today about her chocolate! Wow, it is wonder and a wonderful women owned company. Thanks for the post.

  5. We didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day either because we were distracted by the sun. Then we just had a 10 minute dinner, and watched movies:) I love this new thing where they are mixing chocolate with interesting ingredients. When I was in Amsterdam I saw dark chocolate and thyme. Dark chocolate and basil. I have even seen chocolate and bacon…..I will have to give it a try.

  6. I guess I can see the mushroom and chocolate thing being good…both tasting of the earth and all. I do love Vosges, but I just can’t stomach their prices!

  7. I had some chocolates from Vosges when we were in Chicago the year before last and they were so good. I particularly loved the squares with marshmallow and all of the slightly salted ones. I wasn’t so keen on the bacon flavour though.

  8. I love Vosges chocolate! I walk past their shop on Spring street in NY almost everyday with my dog and my mouth waters. I have yet to try the chocolate and mushroom, but it sounds deliciously unusual. I have tried the wasabi and chocolate which was fab.

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