Specialty Glass Bottles


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Specialty Bottle has all sorts of great bottles for homemade infusions, something I plan on doing quite a bit this coming year.

4 thoughts on “Specialty Glass Bottles

  1. I have six of the bottles pictured in the middle, which I purchased at a garage sale for making infusions, along with two square green glass bottles with corks of about the same size (not sure where I got those). Would you like them? They’ve been sitting so long that I suspect I’ll never use them. And if I do ever need them, now I know where to purchase more! Great resource.

  2. Oh, I just posted about vanilla extract that I made in their little Boston bottles. I love that company. I hope you post about your homemade infusions – I would love to try that this year.

  3. Dawn – I just might take you up on that!! (I’ll make you some vanilla in return!)

    Elaine! So glad you left the comment, because your site is where I saw them over the holidays and then I couldn’t remember where! Your vanilla looks extrodinarily beautiful. I’ve made my own now for a couple of years, in an old heavy cream bottle, but I’m excited to try these.

  4. Thanks for this scoop! I gifted infused vodka for the holidays and had the most difficult time finding appropriate bottles. I’ll stock up on these lovelies for the next round…

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