Spring on a Plate


Swirl ribbons of fresh, fat spears of asparagus, an unusually colored carrot and lightly pickled rhubarb together with a touch of minced shallot, a pinch of thyme leaves, a sprinkle of sea salt and a splash of fruity olive oil and sherry vinegar. Add a bit of fresh from the farmers’ market soft chevre, if you like. And there you have it. Spring on a plate. Nothing else really needs to be said, does it?

10 thoughts on “Spring on a Plate

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m so excited that spring is here and that summer is around the corner. I remember thinking in September that I was sad that summer was on its way out, along with all the bounty of the season. But the time is approaching again, much more quickly than I anticipated!

  2. Nothin’ else!!! 🙂 this salad is amazing in taste and color…I am eating lots of salads these times, too…It’s the best we can have for lunch! very nice the way you have cut the aspagagus, next time I will try!! 😀

  3. Indeed, the choice of ingredients is surprising and interesting. I’d love to recreate this salad.
    Did you cut the vegetables with a mandolin? And how did you prepare the pickled rhubarb? thank you very much!

    1. I made ribbons of the asparagus, rhubarb and carrot with a standard vegetable peeler. It’s just a lot simpler than the mandolin. You won’t be able to get through all of the veggie, but you can use the remainder of the stalk in stocks or purees.

      For the rhubarb, I simply made the ribbons, and let them sit in a bit of vinegar and a pinch of salt for about 5 minutes. It should tenderize just a little, which is what you are going for.

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