Today I… Had a Super Bowl Party


Ah, yes. There was a little something missing. The actual Super Bowl game. Today was a shoot for an upcoming Epicurious feature, so I had all kinds of fun with astroturf and glue guns. Here’s a sneak peek.

The food was delicious… the beer will have to wait until after I drive home from the studio.

6 thoughts on “Today I… Had a Super Bowl Party

  1. I love how the, are they beignets?, stand out from the dark wood table. Also, I like the idea of drawing out the plays on the table. Very cool way to wrap in the game and create something unexpected.

  2. Sorry to be nitpicking, but it is not “sneak peak”, rather “sneak PEEK”. Love the blog otherwise


  3. well, I’m not making any spelling/grammar comments 😉

    The shoot looks really fun – loving the astroturf – I always wondered why they called it that though….

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