Spring Pea Vine Salad


In my garden right now I have about 1,000 pea vines. They aren’t sweet eating peas. They are a cover crop of Austrian winter peas in one of my garden beds (worked back into the soil, they infuse nitrogen back into the soil). They also make tasty (if maybe not the most tender) pea vines that I feel no guilt in plucking for fear of diminishing my sweet pea harvest. And, it’s nice to have a little something to pick now other than herbs and rhubarb.

CE Pea Shoot Salad-8.jpgCE Pea Shoot Salad-12.jpg

So, for lunch today, a little spring take on a salad nicoise… no tuna, but plenty of potatoes, an egg, pea vines, and some fresh spring peas with the simplest vinaigrette.

CE Pea Shoot Salad-3.jpgCE Pea Shoot Salad-13.jpg

If your pea vines are a little tough, you could lightly blanch them first; I just used mine raw.

14 thoughts on “Spring Pea Vine Salad

  1. Beautiful pics! Would like to try but I am afraid I cannot find this type of vines here in Hong Kong..will keep looking!

  2. I used to sprout field peas indoors over the winter to have something green and fresh to look at, and to eat the sprouts once they came up. You can also stir fry these with a little oil, salt and garlic.

  3. Spring in a bowl. Precisely what I’m craving and while I don’t have pea vines at my disposal I’ll be sure to try this out with the some fresh rocket in place as well as some herbs. Thanks!

  4. The beauty of backyard produce is being able to pick and choose selectively. I always snip the top 4-6″ of my sugar snap pea vines for salads and stirfries – ummmmm, very sweet and tender. Peas grow so quickly in the spring the plants recover nicely without pause. Later in the summer I plant out all my leftover garden pea seeds and grow them in a cut and come again salad “box” strictly for harvesting in this way. Dee-lish.

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