New Blog Tricks: Rollyo


I’ve just discovered a very cool new site, Rollyo, which lets you build your own search sources and add the custom search to your blog. If you look in the sidebar, right above the links, you’ll see a new search box. This will search a ton of cool foodie-related websites (including this one). So, for example, maybe you were curious about cheese sandwich recipes. If you use Rollyo to search for them, you won’t have to deal with a bunch of random sites that aren’t actually food related or are just advertisements. It will just search the sites I think are useful (sorry if I haven’t put your site in there yet… it limits me to 25!)

Also, I saw on Food Blog S’cool that Technorati has just added a similar feature for favorite feeds… the main difference is that Rollyo lets you do any website and ‘rati is more about RSS feeds.

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