Elsewhere: Fresh Roast


My fresh roast post on today’s A Nice Cuppa focuses on a dry-processed bean from Ethiopia. Dry-processing can yield unpredictable results, but the batch I roasted up and tasted was lovely.

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  1. L, I’ve been wanting to try roasting beans myself, but I’m a bit scared that I might mess it up… is it really difficult? Lovely picture as always.

  2. Keiko – no, it’s really the easiest step of the whole process. The basic home roaster is fairly inexpensive, and it only takes about 7 minutes for a great dark roast that makes a delicious espresso (with the right grind and right pull…). The biggest thing is that you want your kitchen to have fairly good ventillation, as some beans can give off quite a bit of aroma and potentially smoke.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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