Food and Beverage Photography class in Vancouver, BC


Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia offers a very extensive photography certification program geared toward freelance photographers wishing to hone their skills or start to specialize. I just noticed that this fall, starting in September, there’s a 12 week class focused on food and beverage photography taught by two professional food photographers. Each Saturday morning, students spend 3 hours doing coursework and labs, with weekly photo assignments and access to professional level equipment (including a 4×5 camera). Class tuition is $479 CDN. For more information (including a week by week class schedule), see the Langara College website.

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  1. Happy Blog Day L! I’ve picked your site as one of my five new faves. Ok, so I’ve known about your site for a while, but it is too good to not publicise. I do love your site. It’s so helpful, interesting and aesthetically pleasing too (and I loved the post on Matt too as well. He is a star!).

  2. Have you taken any courses there? I’ve been thinking of doing some sort of certification, but the programs in Victoria are just garbage. I want something that also incorporates some RAW Photoshop processing as I’ve had to teach myself. Cheers.

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