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70 thoughts on “Food Stylists Wanted

  1. I am a recent college grad and looking to assist and gain experience from a food stylist. I am willing to either work as an intern or a food styling assistant(location-anywhere in the U.S.). I have had a couple class in food styling and photography, done some of my own studies, and have very strong food preparation and baking skills. I have created a portfolio to display some of my work. If you are interested in seeing my portfolio or in knowing more, please email me at


  2. Hi There,
    I’m looking for a food stylist to collaborate on some new portfolio building work. I live and work in Los Angeles. Since the economy is down, now is a great time to test and shoot for yourself!!

    Please contact me in interested

  3. Hello,

    I am an experienced chef looking to move into publishing and food styling. I have a small image bank and am looking to build up a portfolio. I am based in the UK and am looking to assist on shoots/collaborate with a photographer to work towards a portfolio. Many thanks.

  4. Hi,

    I’m a freelancer foodstylist for a ~ 6 year in Vilnius. Life is boring here and I’m willing to travel, so I’m looking for a new job in any country or continent.

    Thank You

    Have a great day


  5. I am a Cape Town based photographer looking for food stylists who are interested in testing or portfolio shoots. Please check out my website for some samples…

    Let’s get together!


  6. Hello Foodstylists!

    For a few years I freelanced as a wardrobe stylist and find my interest veering more towards food styling
    (years ago no one ever told me such an inspiring and niche job even exists!)
    I have decided to pursue this path and am willing to start afresh!

    I would love, if any Foodstylists here could spare a moment , to maybe speak or have a chat.I would also like to offer my services to shadow/intern/assist on a shoot/set at your convenience.
    I do have culinary basics and looking to do more parttime classes to hone my skills. I’m very artistic and crafty and organized.

    I would love to hear from you eitherway to pick your brains and help, and look forward to a day when I can have this creative skill set! Thank you!

    VERA C
    New York

  7. hello,
    i’m looking for a job as food stylist or maybe an assistant…Can anyone here share me about your experience to become a food stylist? Any course have to take?
    Look forward to hear from you all.Thx thx =)


  8. Hi,

    My name is Ellie I am just starting out in the field of food styling.

    I’m a budding, enthusiastic Food Stylist and I am looking to gain some experience as a food styling assistant.

    I am also happy to work for free for anyone who may need a stylist, but may not have the budget.

    I completed a course in Food Styling and have assisted on two filming jobs already. I have a portfolio of professionally photographed images I have styled, I am confident and competent in what I do and really want to get some more on the job experience.

    I am a qualified graphic designer and based in London, am happy to travel, and would be available at short notice. I would appreciate you taking a minute to have a look at my online portfolio, and considering me for any future work.

    Please click the link below to be forwarded to my portfolio.

    Many thanks Ellie

  9. Hi am a food stylist and chef based in Mumbai India. Have over ten years of experience styling. Have mainly concentrated on styling for print media.
    Looking for assignments.

  10. i am a photographer based in Dubai. i am looking for a food stylist (sandwiches, pizza and fast food currently in portolio). the shoot is for 8 days in Egypt. Please contract me if interested with you portfolio. thanks. toufic

    1. Not yet, but I am starting to think about how I can offer the classes in other cities. Still have to figure out how to bring the smallest amount of gear and still be effective teaching the class.

  11. Greetings,

    I am looking to break into the Food Styling industry in Canada, more specifically Vancouver, British Columbia. I am looking to assist or intern at any variety of institution, or for anyone that is looking for the help of an eager student.

  12. I am in need of a food stylist/assistant who can assist me with two television cooking spots that I’m doing in Honolulu Hawaii on May 19th and 20th.
    If you can help please contact me via my email address by Monday evening May 3.

    Thank you!

  13. I need a food stylist either end next week or the week after in Singapore.

    Those interested pls send me your reel.


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