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70 thoughts on “Food Stylists Wanted

  1. We are An Asian-American Pop Magazine called Hyphen and we are featuring an article on Hawaiian Food.

    We are also voluntary run and currently looking for a food stylist for one of our shoot.

    Location: Bay Area, San Francsico, East Bay

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for food styling jobs, and am happy to travel (now based in the UK, near oxford).

    I am just starting out as a stylist, but have many years solid experience running restaurants.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Sophie Aghdami

  3. Hello,

    We’re looking for an International food designer and photographer for a Lebanese food dishes – shooting in Lebanon.

    We’ll pay accomodation and ticket expenses for 2 days shooting + shooting fees.

    Please send me your CV and portfolio / showreel for the pre-selection of the candidates.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello,
    I am looking for a skilfill food stylist prefarably from Greece or Turkey. I need him/her for a job in Bulgaria for a pastry product. Will be really thankfull if you are able to help.

  5. Hello Elsy,

    I am a french young woman, 33, stylist with a strong experience in France (Cannes). I have just discovered this website and your advert for the stylist position. Is this position still available ? I am based between London and Nice and completely free to travel. I am working with photographers that I know and I use to work with in France and in England.
    I hope this position’s still available, please let me know. Then I could send you my portfolio. Thank you.
    Best regards,

    Marlène Dulery
    0044 (0)77 26 641 289

  6. Greetings!

    I am a recent graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and am in the market for a Food Stylist Position. I am just starting out, but I do have plenty of experience in food styling for many campus events as well as presentations for corporations. I have an eclectic work experience history and am eager to jump into the business.

    Feel Free to contact me.

  7. hi there!

    my name is Bam, i am a freelance food stylist, graduated in culinary art- 2 years experienced. ready to travel and happy to work with new people. i am very creative and fast learning.

    Please contact me via my e-mail:

  8. hi i’m a food atylist based in manila. i took the course under delores custer in the CIA and one under denise vivaldo in culver city. 🙂
    i enjoy my work and i’m always on the lookout for new gigs.
    for samples of my works please email me at


  9. I originally come from Korea now living in Vancouver seeking a part time job to assist a food stylist in Vancouver. I am available on call.

    I took a food styling course in Korea.

    I have a BA in Arts and Crafts and am very creative and am very interested in getting involved in the Food Styling Field.

  10. I’m an israeli private chef with 14 years of experience in the field of haut cuisine cooking, of which 2 of them i was trained in france’s gastronomy (michelin’s stars restaurants). i had several good experiences with photographers & therfor i’m looking for a job as a food stylist. ready to travel all over the globe

    feel free to enter my web site & see for both my work & experience

  11. Hello,
    I am a food stylist based in Vancouver BC, Canada. I am a classically trained chef with 17 years experience in restaurants and catering. My food styling history spans five years and includes TV commercials, feature films, several television series and countless print ads; many of which I’ve keyed. I am eager to food style for more commercials and film. My keen eye for detail and natural talent are definite assets, and I back them up with experience and pride in my craft. I am well acquainted with high pressure situations and the stresses of our industry. Please contact me at :

  12. Hi,

    I have a dregree in design, i am a qualified pastry chef and have just completed a course in food styling.

    I am looking to assist and gain experience from a food stylist and would be happy to travel.
    (Based in South Africa)

  13. I am looking for a food stylist in London for a Hellman’s mayonaise commercial – entry to Kodak Student Commercial Competition.
    It is a low budget production, but we will give a small payment to someone that will help us out.
    The shoot will be mid November. If interested please contact me asap

  14. Angela McCrovitz is a freelance food stylist with over 15 years of experience in the preparation of food for restaurants, publications and photographers. Angela’s extensive experience enables her to assemble the right ingredients for the job. Her familiarity with the requirements and resources of the industry assures that the need for any equipment and supplies is not overlooked.

    Angela is currently the owner and proprietor of The Baker’s House, a European Bakery Café located 30 miles outside of Chicago. She has served as the General Manager for Balducci’s in Westport, Connecticut and has worked alongside with Chef Katy Sparks and many CIA graduates in plating and styling their food.

    Angela’s attention-grabbing, mouth-watering work has been providing a feast for the eyes of “foodies” and consumers alike for years, appearing in many publications as well as a featured documentary about The Baker’s House on Comcast Television. She comes from a long line of family talent, with her Grandmother winning the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in the 60’s and her Grandfather cooking for Al Capone, her Mother owning a famous Tea Room on Madison Avenue – all laying the groundwork for her love of food which has matured into more than a profession. Angela has now decided to let her talent become her passion, her hobby, her entertainment, her art, science and her current challenge.

    Angela looks at all food as a form of architecture and at times becoming an exotic experience, a lifestyle and an indulgence. Because she had never formally considered herself to be a food stylist but rather a creative chef with a great eye for presentation, she kept few photos if any other than the ones she took herself with a basic 35 mm camera.

    She is looking to partner with food photographers and other food stylists to begin the formal transition into this career she has been doing all her life.

    Angela is a food stylist whose career has been defined by a great passion to make food look incredible. In addition, she is also a food writer and kitchen recipe tester along with menu creation and development. Her background is in corporate marketing and advertising and she works well with all creative design types and art directors.

    As a seasoned culinary and marketing professional, Angela focuses on inventive techniques and culinary creativity. Her customers value her exceptional and consistent work, as well as her diligent and attentive personality.

    Angela’s food has been written and talked about in the Chicago Tribune, The Post-Tribune, The Northwest Indiana Times, Lakeshore Magazine, Elite Magazine and many others. In addition, her marketing and business ideas have been praised and received notable mentions in The Wall Street Journal, American Way Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Wallpaper, Fortune Magazine, Business Traveler and The Discovery Network.I will travel anywhere in the world to style food.

    Angela McCrovitz
    203.673.3058 cell

  15. Hi,
    My name is Angela from Singapore.
    I’ve a strong passion in food styling, previously a designer.

    i enjoy my work and i’m always on the lookout for new gigs.
    for samples of my folio kindly email me at

  16. Hi all foodies, stylists and photographers around the globe!!!

    I have just discovered this website! I am a food stylist, based in Cape town, South Africa! With 3 years experience as a freelance food stylist and 2 years as a chef and a diploma from The Institute of Culinary arts, South Africa!!! I am ready to travel the globe!! I would love to assist on many shoots as possible all over the world to get more experienced in what I love to do! My main focus will be on how the rest of the world see food and how food stylists and photographers opperate all over the world! I am willing to travel where ever the road leads me!!! Please contact me. If the budget is low I will do it for free!! The world is my oyster!!!

    Please contact me Or

    Yours in food
    Susan Bosman

  17. Graduated From Culinary Institute of America comanded by Dolores Custer.
    I´m from México, Mexico City exactly.
    I work as Food Stylist for one of the most important journals in Mexico, editorial and Comercial with 3 years of experience.
    If you want to see my food arts work, Please contact me at:
    52 55 373 373 30

  18. I am looking for a summer internship in the field of Food Styling. I am currently studying Food Health and Nutrition at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC and was born and raised in suburb of Los Angeles. While doing research about career opportunities in the food industry, I became intrigued by the Food Styling profession. I completed and online course in Food styling in November to further my understanding of this field. I was introduced to the professional kitchen while working at a new fine dining restaurant in Vancouver last summer. I thoroughly enjoyed my work there and learned valuable professional cooking techniques (mostly French style) and the workings of the restaurant business. Food styling really caught my eye, allowing me to combine my love of cooking and my creative/artistic skills with a high-energy job

    I am looking for a position for this summer May-September 2008 and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at (778)558-8704 (CANADA).

    I am willing to travel anywhere for the summer and work for free for the opportunity to learn!


    Jamie Moskowitz

  19. Hi,

    I am looking to gain some experience as a food styling assistant. I have just finished an introductory course in food styling and I want to further build on this.
    I am a qualified graphic designer and I am based in London.



  20. hi,my goal is to become a food stylist so i have spent a year at the AFDA film school in Cape Town and the Silwood cooking school. I am enthusiastic and excited to learn and enjoy working hard. All i need now is the experiece and practice. so if anyone is looking for an asistant to train up, drop me a line, i look forward to hearing from you.

  21. I am a Jr. Food Stylist in the NYC area looking to assistant an established food stylist. I have been assisting for several months, mostly on editorial projects. I would like more experience in TV and advertising in addition to editorial. I received my culinary training from the French Culinary Institute and have been a culinary instructor and recipe tester for 2 years. My passion is food styling. Please contact me to discuss: 201-572-1484. Rhonda

  22. For years, I have been a Food Stylist/culinary consultant for creative application projects for Dunkin Donuts as well as radio and TV spokesperson. I work frequently with Emeril Lagasse on the Food Channel and Good Morning America. I have appeared on National Television for Courvoisier on the Regis Philben show. Additional companies that I have represented are Campbell Soup Co, Kraft and Nabisco. I have also been the actress for Fleischmann’s Yeast, Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry, A Taste of Home Cooking School, and Short Cuts for General Foods Video collections.

  23. Boston Massachusetts area ideally otherwise, someone may want to travel.

    I am completing a book, about 500 raw food vegan recipes. I have worked with a stylist designer and theme coordinator, now would like to get help learning to do photography or work with a photographer to do the styling in the specific style. This is first book and need guidance to getting this done quickly, and recommendations to professional kitchen, raw equipped, with some raw food chefs I breing in like myself doing sessions to go through with this.

    Vegan raw foodist is ideal but all interested please email me and samples of your work. Experience with raw vegan is super important but I am open.

  24. Food Stylist with 10 plus years experience in still photography, video, web. I provide recipe development for many of my clients as well. My approach is fresh and creative…I stay current with food trends in the US and abroad. Visit my web site for samples of my work.

  25. I am looking for a position/and or work experience as a food stylist’s assistant. I am a qualified graphic designer and have experience art directing shoots. I have worked as a chef in a chalet and on a yacht and would now really love to combine my passion for food and design.

    I am available from the beginning of November and am based in London and Brighton.

    my email address is

  26. Looking for a food stylist around the Raliegh-Durham area, with fish experience. I will be shooting in early October in Greenville, NC, and am in need of a professional for the shoot. Please pass on any recommendations.

    Thank you.


  27. Hello Elsy,
    This is in reply to your job offer, i was trying to email you but i could not find an email address to email you. I read that you are looking for an international photographer for Lebanese food. I am an accounts manager at xtremephotography

  28. Hello Elsy,
    This is in reply to your job offer. I read that you are looking for an international photographer for Lebanese food. I am an accounts manager at xtremephotography, a well known commercial photography studio located in cairo, Egypt. We are willing to offer our services to you as professionals and experts in the field of food photography. Please check out our website for further details at

    Sherif Diab
    E-mail :
    CairoTel/Fax: +2 02 2291 2105
    Cairo mobile: +2 010 827 3038

  29. Hello

    my name is Neil McKay I am just starting out in food styling after working in the food industry for 25 years. l have worked as Senior Sous Chef at a world famous 5 star golf resort in Scotland as well as Michelin restaurants in London and abroad.
    I am looking for some styling work in the UK and can start straight away. Very competitive rates. Over 2u.


  30. I’m looking for a London based food stylist to work with who needs to build up their portfolio. Preferably with some experience but a creative eye and attention to detail are essential. I’ve been working as a photographer for over 5 years doing portraits, travel and still life. Recently I have begun to concentrate more on food and wine and need to extend my own portfolio and website aiming at the editorial market.
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    You can see some examples of my work on
    Email me:

  31. I have been styling for what seems like a lifetime. It all started with a photography class in college.
    In 1989 I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications from Cal State University in Fullerton, California. I immediately started working alongside some of the best and most talented Food and Props Stylists in the industry learning and developing my skills.
    In 1993 I left California and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Although I am based in the Southeast I work across the country on projects ranging from Food Styling to Set Dressing and Design, Fashion Off-Figure and Prop Hunting.

  32. Hi,

    I’m a chef and food stylist based in Singapore. My wesite. will explain to you all about my portfolio.

    I handle difficult and complicated food such as ice cream, butter/margarine, milk and yoghurt. Do drop me an email if you need food styling service. Thank you.


    Yuli Maria
    Food Stylist


  33. hey.
    I am a jr. foodstylist for 2 yrs. in manila. i have a degree in Hotel and restaurant Management.
    Now i am based in LA.

    I am looking to assist foodstylists.

    and do styling jobs as well.

    my number


  34. I am a Food and Consumer Sciences graduate and still studying,I registered a company called Black Rose Functions and Interior just recently, I’m looking for freelance work on recipe development and food styling.

    I am based in Durban South Africa,before graduation I worked at Food and Home Magazine and did two big food styling and recipe development projects for them which were published taking up at least four pages.

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