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If you are in Seattle on Monday, May 28th, and like good coffee, then you need to find your way downtown to Seattle Coffee Works (111 Pike Street). This tiny cafe, just on the edge of the Pike Place Market, has actually been open now for quite a while, but is finally getting around to having it’s Grand Opening party. Now, you are probably thinking, just what Seattle needs, another coffee shop. And, sure, there are plenty of places to get good coffee in Seattle. But oddly enough, not many of the really good cafes are right around Pike Place Market. And, Seattle Coffee Works happens to have a little something different that might just pull you away from time to time from your local.

Instead of working with just one bean supplier, SCW has relationships with small artisan roasteries from all over the Seattle area, and lets you pick which beans you want for your brew. Even better, you can concoct your own tasting with a little something called The Works, three espressos pulled simultaneously from different beans. Like tasting wine, the differences between the sips is all the more obvious when compared side-by-side. The coffee selection changes regularly, but usually includes beans from the likes of Browns, Caffe Vita, Caffé D’arte, Lighthouse Roasters, and Vista Clara.

The Works

There will be plenty of free coffee at the Grand Opening celebration that starts at 10am with a ribbon cutting ceremony, a special guest at noon, and live jazz music from 1 to 5pm. And, excuse a little shameless self-promotion, but the cafe will be showing several of my coffee photos.

Browns Coffeee

PS: If you are interested in more on coffee tastings, pick up a copy of the June Seattle Magazine, which features my (yeah!) article on a cupping I did at Browns

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3 thoughts on “Seattle Coffee Works Opening

  1. I don’t like coffee, but selecting your beans and concotting your own seems enticing. I can’t wait to visit in August, when I come with friends. Let me know what else I should visit besides the market.

  2. my husband and i so miss all of the great coffee in seattle… it’s a hard place to move from when you *love* food and coffee. this sounds fantastic!

    also, can’t wait to check out the latest seattle mag.

    thanks for sharing. 🙂
    ~ bsh

  3. Lara — Thanks for spilling the beans… we’re looking forward to seeing you sometime tomorrow for the Grand one… hoping that the snow isn’t going to trump coffee ambrosia. Your pictures look BEAUTIFUL in the cafe.

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