Excuses, excuses…


OK. I had this really cool recipe planned to post today, but alas, it will have to wait, due to a little trip I just made to the emergency room, and a bigger trip I have planned to Boston.

On the small trip, all I’ll say is that there is a VERY GOOD REASON for that little plastic handle thingy that they provide with your mandolin. Use it, or, you will almost certainly regret it. How many times can the doctors and nurses joke about my career as a hand model being over? More than I’d like to mention. The good news is that I should be back cooking soon enough, but the typing is a bit slow.

On the big trip, I’m headed out to Boston to catch up with the lovely Bea, as well as attend the Food Styling and Photography conference at BU. It should be a fantastic few days, and of course, you’ll hear all about it over on Still Life With… once it’s over.

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  1. I can sympathize with you, I’ve “notched” myself on a mandolin once or twice myself. It’s a nasty, nasty cut.

    Feel better!

  2. That picture is the very reason I do not own a mandoline! I have an irrational (or is it?) fear of those things! Here’s wishing your finger a quick recovery!

  3. well, so far, it hasn’t hurt to much. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    Deborah – ah, yes, that probably is smart on your part, although when the nurse asked me if I’d be getting rid of mine, I had to admit, no… that I’d just use it as directed. It’s just so hard to get the same shaved effect without one, I think they are indispensible.

  4. What on earth makes us think we are invincible when we decide not to use the hand guard? I cut myself once and I still have not learned.
    I wrote about troubles I was having with my mandoline, and a bunch of people recommended the purchase of cut-resistant gloves made of mesh and plastic, available at sporting goods stores.
    I’ll let you know if I get one, and how it works.
    Because I know you are not going to stop using your mandoline!

  5. I’m really looking forward to the BU conference as well, but still can’t decide which of the individual classes I want to take. Concurrent sessions be damned!

    Btw: Thomas Keller refers to mandolines as “maimers”

  6. oooh, I did that to my index finger while using a mandoline while angry (bad idea)
    I had the stupid blade stuck in the bone… it was horrible to heal since it’s one of the worst spots to stitch (so I didn’t) and I had a neuroma form. I hope that doesn’t happen to you – they’re more painful than actually cutting the finger.

  7. ooooooh! so sorry that happened. mandolines actually scare me much less than utility knives – cannot tell you how many times i have found the inside of my finger with one of those – ow.
    hope you heal quickly, and have a wonderful trip! what a treat to spend time with the lovely bea!

  8. I know how you feel… really. Cheese-planes are equally as useful for thinning down one’s thumb. 🙂 I haven’t been able to play my guitar for the past month, but I think my apendage may be in the last stages of healing… Good healing!

  9. oh my… i’ve been there, believe me! and it didn’t even take the mandoline to send me to A&E, i was opening a pack of pasta with a global knife. i was bleeding like a monster and it took them 3 hours to see me! That’s the national health service in the UK for you! It was my index finger – which sent me out of service for a good month and i still haven’t got the feeling back in my finger tip. i can still cook, though.

  10. Ah! I just seriously cut my finger just yesterday, so I simpathise with you greatly… (I did mine trying to cut red onion. The darn knife slipped on the slippery onion skin). Good thing I don’t have a mandorin, or I’d have plasters on every finger I’m sure. 😉

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