These all felt really personal to me, filled with some story that I wanted to know more about. Which leads me, conveniently of course, to this month’s theme. I want to see you, you story makers. This month, it’s time to move out from behind the camera and try your hand at food-related self portraits. Now, ideally, I’d love to see you faces, eating something. But, I’ll give credit for hands or other g-rated body parts, assuming it’s actually you and there is food (or drink).

Taking self portraits isn’t easy, and it is even harder when you are trying to eat at the same time. It’s definitely time to get familiar with the timer mechanism on your camera if you aren’t using a remote shutter release.

To kick you off, here’s one of me. I took this photo planted on a tiny stool right next to a window on a Seattle cloudy day. There was a bounce sitting on a chair on my other side. The camera was set just above eye height so I had to look up a little.

have a bite

Feel free to touch-up! I certainly didn’t leave the big tea-sized bags under my eyes. Also, if you liked Mariah Mccormick’s Fresh Actions that I pointed to last time I talked about photographing people, you might try Itty Bitty Actions by the amazing photographer of Jinky Art

The usual rules and are up on the Flickr group… the things like be constructive, take the photos during the month if possible, 3 photos per person and the last day will be around Feb 29th give or take a few days.