The Design of Dairy


This had me rolling on the floor laughing. First, I have to say… Wow… the new design of Dairy Today magazine rivals that of Donna Hay, which is simply dumbfoundingly-wonderful of its own right. Even better, there is video of the “model” cow’s photoshoot in the post by Pentagram, the design firm.

I am so tempted to subscribe…

(Image from Pentagram)

[via How About Orange]

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  1. I love the photo. That cow has personality. It reminds me of the cover of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rivaling Donna Hay is high praise indeed.

    (Which reminds me of a favorite Wisconsin bumper sticker: “Get high on milk — my cow’s on grass.”)

  3. That video was hilarious…. Not that the cow paid any attention to the guy shouting above her head!
    I only recently (such as the day before yesterday) found a Donna Hay magazine. Living in the Netherlands you sometimes really have to search to find something!

  4. Please don’t fall for a pretty picture as representing the reality of the dairy industry in this country, especially a photo out of context. (Cow against solid color background.) It’s doubtful the cows ever set foot on grass in their lives, and instead are likely to suffer the fate of the cows that line the I-5 corridor down the central valley of California. It’s cruel and stinking confinement to cement and filth, and that even includes some of the so-called organic milk industry.

    The huge profits derived from skimping on humane treatment of those poor animals allows them to hire expensive design firms to gloss over (literally) the ugly reality that would nauseate you, were you to encounter it on a hot summer day. It’s unconscionable. Shame on them.

    I wrote about it on my I Heart Farms weblog. Added bonus: photos of real cows outside.

  5. Hi Tana,

    I agree with you that there are serious problems with the dairy industry… not to mention meat and pretty much all industrialized agriculture.

    My only point, this being a design/photography related site and not one on agricultural policy, is that you can find great design in the most unusual places. This cover is beautiful and lets you see cows in a new way. Using beautiful design does help communicate a message. Hopefully, it’s one of humane treatment and sustainability, although as you point out that’s not always the case.

    The problem is not the designers… it’s the people who mistreat the animals, those that make choices to buy their products, and the governments refusal act on repairing our farm policy.

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