STW Challenge for May: Food Free For All


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Clearly, you guys love to post to the Flickr Group. And I love to see your work! But, I am quite behind given the number of photos posted in the last 2 months and a bit of a freak amount of work in my day job in April.

This month, your challenge is… well, no challenge! For May, it’s a free for all! Post up to 3 photos of food shots you want to show. Anything you want!

However, I’m going to skip commenting this month. If you really want me to comment, please tag the photo “STWFeedbackPlease” and I’ll be sure to take a look and give you some feedback.

I’m also asking for help in future months. If you have an idea for a challenge, shoot me a piece of email and let me hear your suggestions! Or post ideas on the Future Theme Ideas thread. If you think you have time to help give feedback, let me know too. Of course everyone is welcome and encouraged to leave feedback on the photos in the group. The more we all get involved, the better.

0 thoughts on “STW Challenge for May: Food Free For All

  1. hello L!
    I would love to help you out ~ I will post some suggestions on the Future Theme Ideas thread, and let me know how I can go about helping to give feedback. If you need some credibility or reference, feel free to have a peek at my website, I am a food&bev photographer in Vancouver, BC Canada:


  2. Hi L,
    It may sound odd, but i find beauty in the scraps left behind in the cooking process, that bowl of peelings, or the rinds of a tangerine, eggshells, etc…I bet there is a lot of undiscovered creativity waiting in what’s destined for the compost pile. It’s a big part of cooking that is left unobserved. Maybe a photo assignment could be a way to observe something new. And not many of us have piles of photos of food scraps sitting in their archives. An assignment that demands you to see and shoot something new.

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