Thanks everyone for your patience and help in May, and I hope you enjoyed the little “holiday” from the rules. Somehow, despite the break, June crept up on me all unaware. Maybe it’s because in Seattle, the weather still feels concerningly like March full of weeping grey skies. Still, the farmer’s markets have even opened up here despite the winter-like weather, and if you look, you can find one almost any day of the week with fresh seasonal goodies to be had. Since so many of you proposed Market-to-Table diptychs as a theme, and given the seasonal transition, I can’t think of a better challenge for this month!

The goal this month will be to show your ingredients, as they come from the market and then the dish you made with them. Sort of a before and after. Extra bonus points if you tell us something about the ingredients producer or at least where you found the ingredient. Gold stars for those who can find them in their own backyard!

The usual rules and are up on the Flickr group… the things like be constructive, take the photos during the month if possible, 3 photos per person and the last day will be around June 30th give or take a few days.