All I want to eat


I plucked my first radishes from the ground this morning. Oh my. I have never grown radishes before and now I am wondering why. They pop up out of warm soil almost as soon as you plant them. I think if I sat there for an hour or two, I could see them growing.


The teeny-tiny strawberries and chive flowers are from the garden too… and soon there will be peas!

Until then though, my weekly produce delivery is starting to come to life. This week included local organic basil and some beautiful crook neck yellow squash and a recipe for that quiche pictured above. I’ll post my version of it tomorrow. But I wanted to go ahead and share my radishes with you all today!

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  1. I told Amy that gardening at your place must be satisfying because she’d get to see the documentation of whatever grows! The radishes are lovely. I’m thinking of “thinning” mine, just so I can have a few:-)

  2. Congratulations on your first radishes! When I was a child in Yakima, we had a Victory Garden during WWII. My parents took a few days off and left my brothers and me with an older woman, the mother of my father’s employee. She served us boiled radish greens, which seemed wonderful and exotic. I have never forgotten the experience, but I have never grown radishes again. This is not going to be the year, with all the repair work and painting on the house, but maybe next year on the deck.

  3. Lovely radishes! and congratulations… I had my own kitchen garden a few years ago: it was so great to pick my own vegetables! now my garden is smaller, I prefer flowers (beautiful roses this year!). You can use radishes leaves to make a pesto or a soup: it’s delicious!

  4. This is so inspirational, Lara – I love radishes, they remind me so much of my mom (she loved them so much you would not believe it).

    Gorgeous photos as usual. I might be shy to comment here, but my notions about food photography have improved insanely thanks to you. 😉

  5. Love the photos! I’ve been pulling French Breakfast radishes (from Renee’s Garden organic seeds) and they are fantastic. Great on a croissant w/butter. Great dipped in a little sea salt. And great just eaten in the garden as you harvest.

  6. Mary – I’ll bring over some once they come in a bit more! Looks like you guys are doing a bunch on your place! Hope it’s going well.

    Amy – oh, I do think maybe I have 1 garbanzo coming up. Either that, or it’s a weed. Darn dog!

  7. It is beautiful Lara, I think the idea of growing food, harvest them and cook them, all with your own hand is just wonderful! I can’t wait to start my own this summer, I have already got seeds of: fava, basil (the genovese one), pea, rucola, san marzano tomato!, zucchini, thyme, and flat leaves parsley. Might sound too ambitious as this is my first time gardening, but I will try. Now I will run to the shop to get some radish seed and may be some other beans too. Thank you for sharing and have a nice day! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous photos of the veggies coming out of the garden and what you made with it. 🙂 I grew radishes for the first time and took some close ups but yours are even closer. You can feel the dirt on it and they look huge (and they probably were 🙂 ). Gardening is so much fun and taking pictures of it too as it grows.

  9. So many radishes so little time. Did you try the radish tenders? My wife and I thinned ours and made the best salad with goats cheese and a wonderful vinegar. I know plan to grow the tenders for special dinners all summer long. We have also made a great radish/deviled egg without mayonnaise, wonderful. next I will be making a radish top leek soup.

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