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This week, I got some help from a neighbor who was happy to load me up once again with plums. You may remember that this has happened before. And it seems, this 10lb bowl was just what I needed to get back and have some fun in the kitchen.

Plum Cuppies-1Plum Cuppies-3
Plum Cuppies-8Plum Cuppies-2

I have all sorts of plans for these plums. A plum slump from Rustic Fruit Desserts: Crumbles, Buckles, Cobblers, Pandowdies, and More. Some savory donuts like these, except using pork & plum instead of duck & cherry. Definitely some plum jam to put away for winter.

But to start it all out, I made these adorable little Plum CupPies with a bit of left-over pie pastry and just a few handfuls of the plums. I have some family coming in tonight for a quick night stay only to hop on a plane at some ungodly hour of the morning and thought it would be nice to send a couple of small treats with them. Pies baked in cupcake tins seemed just the thing. Especially after I found the beautiful ones on Eggs on Sunday.

Plum Cuppies-4Plum Cuppies-5
Plum Cuppies-6Plum Cuppies-7

Of course, I had to try one myself first, to make sure they were ok. Then, I just had to keep myself from eating all of them. I mean, they give them peanuts on the plane afterall, right?

To make your own CupPies, simply cut out circles of pie pastry large enough to leave a bit of overhang around the edge of the cupcake tin. Gently push the pastry into a cup, leaving a bit of rim around the edge. Leave an empty cup between cup pies. Fill with your favorite fresh, sliced fruit (cored or pitted as necessary… but skins on is ok) mixed in with a handful of sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch or flour, and a dash or two of spices. Top with another, slightly smaller, round of pastry and pinch shut. Brush with a bit of egg wash, sprinkle with sugar, and cut about 4 vent holes in the top. Bake at 425F for about 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to 325 and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes or until the filling is furiously bubbling and the tops are golden brown. Eggs on Sunday has far more detailed instructions, if you need them!

(I’ve also been mostly up to my elbows in donuts. And there are only so many donuts I can post here without it becoming crazy, boring or simply too much of a tease (but if you are curious, I’ve posted many of my experiments on Flickr. If you are interested in recipe testing the donut recipes, please let me know either in a comment here or via email! I’m going to have many, many recipes ready for testing any day now.)

33 thoughts on “Plum CupPies

  1. terrific idea! we have a bunch of italian plums that are sure to ripen off our tree with the warm weather today and tomorrow, and i’m absolutely going to try this idea on sunday. thanks for the inspiration…

  2. Lara, what a beautiful idea! And your pictures are phenomenal as always! I am guilty of having tons of fruit and I think I know what I am going to make with them… I can invite some friends from school over and treat them to my baking.

  3. I love Seattlites. My neighbor just brought over several cups of Italian plums as well and I’m thinking I should bake one of your mini pies as a thank you to them.

  4. Oh, they’re *beautiful!* As are your photos – simply gorgeous. What a great idea to use plums! I’m happy I found your blog through your link – will definitely be following!

  5. When does the donut testing extravaganza happen? I am out of town (and crazy getting ready now) until mid October but would be interested, if it can wait a little.

  6. Amazing photos =)I specially love the ones of the already cooked Pum CupPies: the imperfections of the table give a warm and rustic touch that I like very much. And the combination of the colors is very good too.

    I would like to try the Cup Pies…but I am trying to stay away from sugar and flour at least for a time. After spending three weeks in Moscow, when my most important food groups were coffee and sorbet ice cream, and wanted to go on a detox (although I have not succeded yet: the cake I baked for my brother’s birthday was the responsible…)

  7. I love this type of plum. I’m lucky to have plenty around here (Italy) at this time of year, they make the end of summer less painful to me! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  8. I am one of the silent admirers of your pictures (and the food!). 🙂
    Have to say cup pies caught my attention. They look gorgeous. Plums are gone now, but I can try them with apples or pears.
    Btw, would be happy to be a donut tester if you need one.

  9. I was brought in by the pictures, which are breathtaking (I like the distressed red table best) but I now have to make the plum cuppies – plums are in season here, it’s getting cool enough to bake, and they are perfectly portable (I think) for walking to a tailgate party. thanks!!

  10. Why have I never thought of this? The structural sides and tiny pie look make these so much more appealing than a turnover, somehow. Thanks for this!

  11. I love the red table the pies are on… the paint wearing away gives the pictures so much charm and character!

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