Food Photography & Styling Class in Seattle, Feb 16th



Hi All! Happy Belated New Year!

Sorry for the long silence, but I’m excited to let you know that there are some big things coming up this year! For starters, I’m beginning to teach a few classes on food photography and natural food styling. These will be small, hands-on classes where we will focus more on the ins and outs of food photography (plating, lighting, lens choice) rather than camera basics.

The first class is coming right up! Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Seattle Bon Vivant, who will be hosting the workshop, a group of 10 of us will meet in downtown Seattle on February 16th. To sign up and for more details, email seattlebonvivant (at) with a subject line of Lara Ferroni’s Workshop. The cost of the class will be $65 per person.

I’ll also be offering private one on one and small group (up to 4 people) workshops this year. For more information on those, send me some mail on what you are most interested to learn and we can talk about what works.

8 thoughts on “Food Photography & Styling Class in Seattle, Feb 16th

  1. Ohhh I really want to learn how to take pictures of food soo bad. I started my own blog and that is what I will be featuring a lot of the times so I need to learn the tricks of the trade! Too bad I don’t live in Seattle though. =(

  2. Are you only offering the one class on the 16th? I am in Atlanta. Would be interested in coming out for a week long workshop.

    I am a photo stylist of 15 years and have just started playing with food. Would love some lessons!

    1. Hi Darcie – At this point, I only have the one class scheduled or private sessions, and my sessions will focus mostly on photography with some styling as needed. For something like a longer workshop just on food styling, I’d highly recommend the gals at Food Fanatics. They have a class coming up in early March.

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